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Woman Woman's Weekly Fiction Guidelines

We regret we can't accept stories by email. Please include an sae in case we have to return your manuscript.
Fiction is a vital ingredient of Woman's Weekly, the place where readers can escape and switch off. This doesn't mean predictable plots or old-fashioned romances. Escapism means getting involved in a really gripping tale with believable characters. Above all, we are looking for originality and a wide variety of themes and moods, such as mystery, humour, relationships and family issues, with warmth still an important factor. Try to be subtle in your writing and remember the maxim: "Show don't tell". We recommend you read several issues of Woman's Weekly and Woman's Weekly Fiction Special to get a feel for our audience.
Unfortunately, we can't offer criticism, but if your writing shows promise, we will contact you.

What we are looking for

For the weekly magazine:
Short stories of 1,000 and 2,000 words
Serials in 3 or 4 parts of 3,300 words each
For Fiction Special (At least 20 stories 12 times a year):
Stories of 1,000 to 8,000 words

General tips

° We read only typescripts. Handwritten work can't be considered.
° Double line spacing on one side of the paper only and wide margins.
° Number each page and make sure your name is at the top of each page.
° If sending stories from abroad, please enclose an international reply coupon.
° If you would like us to acknowledge receipt of your manuscript, enclose a stamped, addressed postcard.
° Please note that it can take up to sixteen weeks for manuscripts to be considered, and that we are unable to enter into any correspondence by email.
Please send stories/serials to:
Fiction Department, Woman's Weekly, IPC Media, Blue Fin Building,
110 Southwark Street, London, SE1 0SU.


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Gerry Rigley

Hello, the good ship WW and all who sail in her, I am searching for the first time today for magazines that could be interested in short fiction story submissions. This is the first site that I have looked at and after reading some of the comments below, I really do not think I can be bothered. I thought that we lived in the 21st century, yet this magazine and no doubt others that I will discover, are still in the 17th century. With all this global warming and so many other terrifying reports being thrown at us daily, this magazine expects, sorry, demands, that we waste even more of our precious resources by printing off reams of PAPER, using ink, then envelopes, then extra fuel and other resources to submit stories for their perusal. If they accept a story, they will then have to copy it, have it carefully checked, before it is then printed AGAIN in the magazine. Submissions via modern technology, EMAIL, would save so much of the worlds precious resources. If the story is accepted, a quick, 'COPY and PASTE' and into the print room. JOB DONE. Plus, setting your inbox for an automatic response that sends an immediate reply to say that the submission has been safely received would save the amount of. ''MUST HAVE GOT LOST IN THE POST REPLIES'' that have been written below. I live in Southern Italy, where the post really is the most unreliable in the world and yet I have never come across so many ''LOST IN THE POST'' excuses. So, WW, what do you say, can we drag you screaming and shouting into this modern age, or are you going to stay with your 'CAXTON' or lego block printing?. Have a nice day. Gerry, Puglia, S, Italy....

Maria Walton

Hi, I was just wondering about sending in for the Fiction Special and whether you have to write in the cover sheet it's for the Fiction Special? Also, does it cost anything to submit? I'm working on something currently for it, is all. Thanks.


hi gaynor I have been writing poetry since my early retirement and some of it has been published.I surprised myself at my this of any interest to your mag ?


Hi, I have submitted a manuscript for a short story but forgot to include my email address and telephone number, should I send in a further covering letter to be included with the previous letter sent?


hello Gaynor, i was hoping to write for womens weekly im interested writing about sex and relationship i was wondering if you could help me get started please email me on thank you


Hi My Lovelies do you accept poetry for printing in your magazine please, as i have a number of poems that i have been writing over the years on a range of different subject matter. Thank you. Dawn x


Do you take poetry?


Hi Editor I sent a short story through to you from NZ and have heard no reply. That was twelve months ago. How do I find out what happened to it? I paid a fair bit to post it, along with reply paid vouchers. Not to mention all the effort I put into writing and editing. Is their an email I can write to about it?

Helen Rolfe

Dear Editor, I would like to write and submit a story...I live in Sydney, Australia. Am I able to purchase international reply coupons so that you would be able to send me confirmation of receipt? And if you decide not to use the story, is the work returned to myself or destroyed? Kind regards, Helen.


Hello, I am considering sending you some stories and I would like to make sure that I understand what you mean by "double line spacing". Does that mean also double spacing between the letters (characters), or just between the lines? How should I set off the paragraphs? I use Word for typing my stories, and usually leave 3 blank spaces at the beginning of the fitst line of each paragraph. Are standard Word 2.5 cm margins all right? Thank you for re.

Pamela Wallbridge

Hi Gaynor, Have just received back my manuscript for 'The Watch'. I have read the guidelines regarding word count but I was wondering what would be the optimum size in order to be considered for publishing in the Fiction Special. My story was 3728 words long, but I have others of all different lengths, and would rather send in one that is the most suitable for the magazine. Many thanks, Pamela Wallbridge

Sonya Dodd

I sent three short stories to you on 22nd May (18 weeks ago) for the attention of Clare Cooper at IPC. I haven't heard anything or had my stories returned. Please could you let me know whether there is any progress with my submissions. Sonya C. Dodd

Chrissie Honour

Hi Gaynor Regarding the serials in parts - is the 3300 word direction for each part absolute or is there any room for variation? In my case, first part is 4142 and the other two parts are equally divided at approx 3450 each. Please advise! Many thanks. Chrissie Honour


My message seems to have vanished...???


would you consider fiction involving dilemmas facing grandparents/stepgrandparents?


In your current WW Fiction Special, Gaynor mentions workshops in Manchester... Can you direct me to info about these, please? Thank you. K


Hi there, my name is Minna and live in South Africa.. I would love to send in some of the stories I have written - please can you tell me what an international reply coupon is. Thank you, look forward to your reply.


How much does your magazine pay for an article you publish. I am unable to find any info on this...apologies if it is posted somewhere and I missed it.

R Mills

Do you accept seasonal short stories?

Jo Payne

You once bought a story from me for the fiction special (A Married Man by Joanna Hill) but that was in 2004! I still have the edition with my story in it, and I am still proud of it. It was Clare Cooper I spoke too, all that time ago, and she even said if I wrote more then I should send them in. I so wish I had done this, but life and jobs and bringing up children, simply got in the way. Now my children are grown up and I am writing again, and will be submitting more stories. I just wondered, in my covering letter, whether to mention that one of my stories has already been published in WW, or is that completely irrelevant? Thanks, Jo

Aliss Langridge

Hi, I sent in a story called 'Sister' while ago but haven't heard anything. Did it get there?

Aliss Langridge

Hi, I sent in a short story 'Sister' under a pseudonym but I haven't heard anything? Is there any news regarding this?

Aliss Langridge

Hi I sent in a short story a while ago now and have not heard anything either way. It is called 'Sister' and I used the pseudonym 'Alice Mellors.' Will I hear anything about this soon?


I posted a short story to the Fiction Department on 29th April. I included a s/e envelope for acknowledgement of receipt. Not heard anything as of today (17th May). How can I check it has arrived?


where can i read any of the fiction, short stories. I don't see any links. thanks

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