Parents name their babies after Twilight characters

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More babies in the US are being named after Twilight characters Bella and Jacob
Twilight fever has really swept the nation over the last year or so - with many of us becoming Rob-sessed, Twi-hard fans.

But how much do you love Twilight? Enough to spend a whole evening watching the films back-to-back? Enough to buy a t-shirt that says Team Edward or Team Jacob? Or enough to name your baby after one of the characters?

Well, that's just what's happening in the US. New figures show that in 2009, Isabella (the name of the story's lead character) was the most popular name given to baby girls. While Jacob (Isabella's werewolf best friend) is the most popular boys name.

Jacob has actually been the most popular boys' name for 11 years and Edward (Robert Pattinson's vampire character) didn't improve much. But the name Cullen (Edward's surname) was the fastest rising name for boys - jumping over 300 places to number 485.

The name Bella (which Isabella is mostly known as in the book) was alsothe 58th most popular girls' name.

Would you name your baby after a book or film character? Would you want your baby's name to be one of the latest trends? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment below or let us know about your kids names on facebook.

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Hailey Garland

I didnt want my kids names to be normal so my three are: 1.Ryker Jason Garland 2.Reed Frances Garland 3.Rowena Marigold Garland and the one coming up is Anna Beth Morgan Garland

Jennifer O'Hanlon

It is a good job they are not silly names. It irritates me when people give their children silly names off tv programs as they don't seem to be aware that it is the child who has to live with it when they are older not them.

carina aguilar

wow how disturbing \

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