Height predictor: The easy way to calculate your children's height

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Height predictor
Have you ever wondered if your kids will tower over you when they're grown up? Or will they struggle to see over the steering wheel when they're learning to drive?

Well, there's a clever height predictor equation doing the rounds that claims to have the answer!

The calculation was developed by researchers in the 1970s, but parents have picked it up again, and it's possible that this speedy bit of maths will serve you better than any height chart.

How do you work it out? The formula varies slightly between boys and girls, so here are the equations for both:

Height predictor calculation for boys

Add together each parent’s height in cm, then divide that number by two. Add 6.5cm to the number. This number is the mid-parental height for boys. This number plus or minus 10cm is the range in which your son's height can reasonably be expected to fall.

Height predictor calculation for girls

Add together each parent’s height in cm, then divide that number by two. Divide that number by two. Subtract 6.5 cm from the number. This number is the mid-parental height for girls. This number plus or minus 10cm is the range in which your daughter’s height can reasonably be expected to fall. 

Is the height predictor accurate?

Of course, these numbers aren't guaranteed to be 100% accurate - not all siblings born to the same parents will turn out to be the same height, which is often where the 10cm margin comes into play.

However, many doctors use this calculation to give an idea of potential height to new parents, and scientists do say that genes account for around 70% of one's final height, so if you've worked the numbers out right, they should be a reasonable estimate.

And if you don't have a tape measure or don't fancy getting the calculator out? Our just-for-fun tool can also predict just how tall your kids could be when they're fully grown!

Kids' height calculator

Predict how tall your kids will be as adults. Just tell us a few details...

Your child will be:

5ft 9inches

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Rather not say

I put my parents height into the calculator and it predicted I would be 5ft 1" but im already 5ft 5

Rather not say

I put my parents heights in and it said i would stop growin at 5ft 1 but im already 5ft 4


This is not a very scientic assessment! According to this my son will be 5'5", he's already 5'9". There is no way to be sure of how high your child will be. My Dad was tiny and had a growth spurt between the ages 17/18. He stopped growing at 6'2".


My sister is 4ft 10in her husband was 5ft 3in their son is 6ft 1inch. Go figure.


Emma .They said my son would be 5ft 8in. he's 9yrs old and already he is 5ft


Kind of funny, this thing finds the median and says the height. Nice to know

Katie Eliot

Complete poppy-cock! How does being 'under 2' or 'over 3' affect how tall a child will be? Absolute rubbish!


I agree is this wrong and innacurate! You never know how tall they're actually going to be! I'm 5"11 and my other half is 6"4, this has calculated my daughters height at the same as mine 5"11, she is 5 years old and already 4 feet tall and growing rapidly at approx 2 inches a month, her doctor thinks she will be 6 foot plus by the time she's 16 and my other daughter who's 2 is following the same pattern, but like I said you never know for sure! :)

andrea arger

WRONG on 3 counts! this said my daughters would be 5ft 9 and they are 5ft 4,5ft 7 and 5ft 11

Joan Coombs

I was 5ft 2 ins when I was 10 and I am still 5ft 2ins. My daughter was the same only she managed to grow another 2 inches. Her son is 6ft 3 ins at 15 and still growing, although doctors said he would stop at 5ft 8ins. How can you tell?


This is not always accurate, my husband and I are both 5'8 inches, my 20 yr old daughter is 5'1 like her nan and aunties! incidentally she was the tallest in the class aged 11 and then stopped growing! you can never tell.


this says my daughter will be 5"5, shes tall now for her age (5) and off the centile charts that the paeds go by, they predict her to be 5"11 at adult height, so I would guess she'll tower over me at 5"3!!


Apparently my eldest daughter will be 6'2" (the same as her dad) and my youngest will only be 5'5". Also if my oldest was 3 months older she would only grow to be 5'5". Absolute garbage!


Have to agree this is totally wrong, my result was that my daughters would be 5'2", I have three who are all over the age of 18, one is 5'5" one is 5'4' and one is only just 5', so incorrect on all counts.


OMG pure rubbish! If I was the person who had devised this rubbish I would be mortified.


Its a load of rubbish, both myself and my husband and myself are 6ft so why would they suggest my daughter would be 5ft 9"??? Even a childs best guess would be better than this.


This calculator has said my duaghter will be 6ft and my son will be 5ft 11inch. There's no way my duaghter will be that tall!!! I think this needs to be check out!!!

Linda McCartney

This tells me my son will grow to be 5 foot 7 inches. He is already 6 foot 1!


It's not to be taken seriously - just a bit of fun - my daughter is 4' 8" aged 10 and predicts that she will be 5 4" Somehow I don't think so!


I think this is a load of rubbish. My daughter is already 3'5 and she has only just turned 4 and they predict she will be only 5' because my husband and I are both short. It doesn't take into account the fact that my dad's brothers are 6' and she had got their genetic build. It would probably be more accurate if they asked the age of the child and their height now and calculated it from that.

Sandi S.

Have to agree that it's wrong. Our son should be 5'9" but is 6'3" figured it for all my brothers and sister and all their kids it was wrong every time. Not even close.


I don't think this is true guide. It predicts my son will be 6ft tall and he's 5"4' aged 11.


Sorry to disappoint you but I tried the above calculator as a bit of fun and its wrong - me eldest son is 6'6" and my younger son 6'2". Oops!

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