New powers for teachers

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Teacher telling off a pupil
Teachers will be given new powers to search pupils and physically remove them from lessons, the government's schools minister has announced.

New measures are being brought in as a way to improve behaviour in schools - and teachers will also be given protection from false allegations of malpractice.

The new measures will mean:
  • Head teachers can allow a pupil, their bag and their locker to be searched. Heads are already allowed to search for weapons but new measures will also allow them to search for drugs, alcohol, mobile phones, pornography, fireworks and ipods.
  • Teachers will be allowed to physically remove a disruptive pupil from a classroom and to physically prevent a pupil from leaving.
  • Head teachers will be able to give detention out of school hours without giving a day's notice.
  • Teachers will be given anonymity when they are accused of malpractice until they are charged - so that they are protected from malicious allegations.

What do you think?

We've been asking you what you think on facebook - and so far you seem to think it's a good idea.

Jane said: 'I think they [teachers] should be allowed with the way the world is today, there are kids as young as 8 taking drugs, I find this very disturbing in schools, and I think it's time to bring back the slipper or cane. The kids these days have a free run, parents can't smack them, teachers can't disipline them nor can the police. What is happening in this world? A smack never hurt me, I didn't turn out to be bad.'

While Julie agreed: 'If the world has come to kids taking drugs, alcohol and who knows what into schools then for the safety of everyone teachers need to be able to search them and remove them.'

Do you think these measures are necessary? Will they help to improve behaviour? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below, or tell us on facebook.

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Anything that makes school safer for teachers and ultimately for the well behaved pupils is to be welcomed. As soon as a pupil of any age has signs of problems re: learning or behavioral the y should have access to counselling and any help which they need.


Hooray! Finally, someone has noticed that more needs to be done to control these nasty kids, I understand from a teacher friend of mine, that some kids are revolting, rude, aggresive & just down right abusive - its about time that teachers had the ability to take them away from their peers (who 9 times out of ten egg them on) & actually have some jurisdiction over what rubbish is bought into schools. There seems to be no deterant nowadays for anything - look at this guy going round shooting people, if there was a real punishment for it, I am sure he would have thought twice about doing it - its the same with kids, even the threat of a clip round the ear used to be enough for us when we were at school!

Joanne Jones

Great. Far too many parents do not discipline their children enough, nor early enough, for them to understand their own responsibilities and not just their rights. Far too many parents give in too easily for the sake of peace and quiet. Far too many parents think they will leave it to the school to instil discipline. Far too many parents think their little angels can do no wrong and question every move made by the teacher or head. Parents need to work with the teachers to bring back old fashioned disciplines from an early age.


whoa, I think the wrong approach is being taken. i have a Son in University, a Son who has never given me cause to hit him in any way, hard to believe friends, I know, but he was always given love, guidance, space and most importantly TIME. If all children are bought up with the principles of non-violence in any way, they will emerge as worthwhile individuals. This 'matter of fact' method has to be started at birth, it's useless to start 'the method' at say 3-4. Children only learn by example, and if we, as parents didn't really want the youngsters in the first place, they won't receive the full-on and dedicated guidance. Quite frankly, I'm very proud (not the best virtue, but it works) of my career as a Mum. Similarly, we would have less wars in the world if we talked instead of using violence. It may sound far fetched, but this idea could work globally. All it needs is 1 nation to use this regime, and over time it would spread, but that won't happen during our lifetimes....I digress, just where are these 'smacking police'? As passive as my ideal seems, it does generate a whole lot less aggression, and a pretty easy route through life. It seems to me that we've lost our evaluation skills, therefore 'shoot first, ask questions after' before we've given the child perpetrator a chance to qualify what they've actually done. Well this is a huge topic for debate and will take many years to implicate, if ever, but this is far from ideal world, but I hope I've allowed you all to see that we don't have to follow what has gone before. Let's all strive for a calmer, peaceful and loving lives.


I think teachers should have much more power than at present- I wouldnt even object to the cane being brought back. When I was at school, it was virtually never used but was there as a deterrent. The only lad I remember getting it set fire to the cloakroom, so deserved I think. Of course, teachers like everyone else shouldnt be able to mistreat children-there's a difference between abuse and discipline, the same as what parents have to deal with. Parents need to back up teachers too - not like the cases you hear where when a child has been disciplined, the parent goes to the school and complains to the Head. A teacher once hit me lightly with a ruler onthe back of the head when I was messing about in class- when I told my Mum what he'd done, she sent me to bed early too, for misbehaving.


It is about time things are change in school now. They have been getting out of hand for years now. Now the teacher can try and get there schools back and try and do what teachers are there to do


About Time!! Teachers have had to put up with being abused by the kids for too long, at last they're giving them a bit of power.


I agree in principle, but think it will leave the doors wide open for children who do not do things wrong to be wrongly accused and punished for things they do not do. As for same day detention I think this is very wrong as what is going to happen to the children when detention ends and there is no one to escort the child home, are they just going to be thrown out on the streets and left to their own devices, which is where a lot of the trouble stems from, to many children are left to their own devices while parents go out to work or to enjoy themselves and leave Teenagers and young children at home to fend for themselves.


Well I think it's high time to do something to put an end to kids bad behaviour. I relly like it and i'm totally supportve of this idea of giving the teachers some authority and a lot of protection to help them crry out this mission.


Yes it is about time somebody with given some ability to take control.There are to many do-gooders telling us what we can and cannot do they seem to think that because they have sat in a classroom (still wet behind the ears) and picked up some sort of piece of paper from university or where ever they know better than everybody else. Please someone tell all these mamby pamby persons that there is a REAL WORLD out on the streets. I have survived for 63 years without much problems having smoked 47 years drank for 45 years and still do both until they reclassify them and make them illegal better watch what I am saying might give them some ideas remember we must all be VERY PC or else. I could sit here for hours and type all to get it of my chest but I had better stop.




i think itsa brilliant idea,long overdue but it sounds like its a step in the right direction.discipline is what is needed the powers that be have tried the softly softly approach that has,nt worked at all.bring back the cane i say.lets see some young uns have some discipline in our schools it never did me any harm.if you behave yourself there,s no need to worry is there?


It's not before time that teachers are allowed to have some ability to discipline. We were not perfect at school but god forbid if you stepped out of line you know that you'd be in trouble. That thought taught you some respect, manners and good behaviour, that which is terribly lacking in our youngsters today. Good luck to the teachers and may be in a few years time we may see results.


Something definitely needs to be done. Many children are out of control. Discipline is a thing of the past unfortunately. The way children are allowed to behave has got out of control since these silly and petty rules have been fostered by the previous government. I think they should all be made to dress properly as well, and they should not be allowed to wander around the towns and villages between lessons. Many of the sixth form go to school looking as if they have been on the tiles and are just getting home. Drug pushers are often outside the schools waiting for the kids, I think there should be a clamp down by police on this sort of thing a presence outside schools for instance. DRugs should be illegal. I wonder if itmight be a good idea to have a community officer available when these searches are made, I just wonder that staff may get hurt as kids seem so.... aggressive these days if confronted.GOOD IDEA BUT STAFF MAY NEED EXTRA SUPPORT AT LEAST TO START WITH


It's about time the teachers took control of the schools! We take our kids to school in the hope that they are kept safe and knowing that there are unruly kids at school who know that they can say and do as they please and teachers are not allowed to do anything about it. If parents can't control their kids then give the power to the teacher knowing they have the support of the government

Ann Mason

Yes,I agree with this.


Why shouldn't teachers be allowed to discipline the kids. Kids nowadays have no respect for no one. I'm all for it, its about time we start getting discipline in the schools we might start getting a better society that we can be proud of eventually. It never did me any harm, I wouldn't dream of answering my parents or teachers back the way the kids do today. The government is finally starting to do something right.


when I went to school we had corporal punishment.and it did us no harm. If they had left it alone we would not have the vandles, distructive yobos we have today, where many pensioners are afraid to go out after dark


It is time that teachers were given the authority to discipline and, if necessary, search children in their care. I would fully support this action in the interests of safety and well-being of all our children.

M Palmer

Yes it is reasonable for a school to be able to maintain a safe environment for children to learn in. What I hope is not being suggested is for teachers to be able to conduct body searches. In a school close to where I live the head and her deputy were suspended for doing just that. We are not talking patting the pupil down we are talking looking down her bra and knickers.

Irene Clark

I generally agree with the measures except detentions out of school hours without parents being given a days notice as this could cause safety issues for children and a great deal of anxiety for parents if children do not arrive home on time or difficulty with children getting home (e.g. missing transport arrangements).


Oh this is so overdue - children have been allowed to run rings around teachers for much too long, and they have learnt how to abuse this. Schools have 'had' to teach children it's a lawless society without rules - about time they start to learn acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. PC or not - the soft touch does not do children any good in the long run. Thank God somebody has finally seen sense.


so they should it never done us any harm when we were kids and it might bring a bit of order back into the schools.

Caddi Hirst

I think this is a great move, shame it took so long to be introduced. My kids are grown up now now but they got away with so much more than I did when I was in school. I heard a parent tell their son a few weeks back that if a teacher came anywhere near him he would 'rip his head off' The teachers that is!!! What are we teaching our kids now??? that its ok to be abusive to those who are tryin to teach us??? I think this law should be made much more vigorous and make sure that kids can not get away with the stuff they do. Be answerable for you actions and stop using mummy & daddy to fight your battles for you, You did it you take the punishment


I agree with Jane,its time to get back power to teachers and parents,as now our kids have more power(counsllor,social worker and e.c)then adults.Its bit strange when low is more offten on kids site and we can see how they(specially teens) are manipulating of it.Of coures there are some exceptions but majority cases are against adults(parents,teachers,e.c) and we should think really careful what sociality we are growing up.

bet mullen

I really think its time to bring something like this back,pupils know they can get away with undermining the teachers,and behaviour problems has risen,what i see in classrooms today,i could not and would not ever had got away with this,pupils seem to be in charge,what has happened to the respect for your elders


What in the world has it come to? Unruly pupils -who thrive on "you can not touch me"- goad the teachers,disrupt the whole learning experience of others who want to learn,and have been left to walk all over teachers for far too long. There is far too little respect with these unruly children for the teachers and classroom assistants these days. This should be just the start of change.

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