The facts on ketamine

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Other names for ketamine

Ket, K, Special K, super K, vitamin K, green, Mr Soft and techno smack.

What ketamine looks like and how it's taken

Ketamine can come in a powder, liquid or tablet form and its intended use is as a sedative to anaesthetise animals. Legally (when bought by vets), it comes as a liquid which is injected but users can also obtain it as a grainy white powder or tablet.

The effects of ketamine

Ketamine has hallucinogenic properties but also numbs the body and takes the user away from their sense of reality. As with all hallucinogens, a person's mood will affect the experience they have. It also is an anaesthetic so the user will feel no pain while on a trip.

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The health risks of ketamine

  • Users may be physically incapable of moving while under the influence.
  • Excessive doses can cause serious breathing problems, unconsciousness or heart failure.
  • Some research has seen serious bladder problems in persistent users.
  • High doses can cause a user to become unconscious and increase the risk of them choking on their own vomit.

Legal status of ketamine

Ketamine is a class C drug which means that it's illegal to possess it and to supply it. If a person is caught with it on them, they could get up to 2 years in prison and/or an unlimited fine. For supplying the drug, the penalties are much higher with the potential to be served with an unlimited fine and 14 years in prison.

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