Breastfeeding: Your questions answered

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There are many reasons to breastfeed your baby if you can, including
health benefits for you both. The trouble is, there are so many stories
and myths, it's hard to know what to believe. Here we've separated fact
from fiction for you.

Will it make my boobs sag?

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done in
pregnancy, with the breast shape altering because of hormones, weight
gain and preparation for breast-feeding. Avoiding major changes in
breast size or shape is mainly down to luck and genes. But a
well-fitting bra and avoiding yo-yoing weight before and after pregnancy

Will breastfeeding make me slim?

Breastfeeding your newborn helps the womb contract quicker
and can help post-birth bleeding stop sooner. It's been estimated that
breast-feeding burns around 500 extra calories per day. It should come
from the extra fat most women put on in pregnancy.
A lot of mums also report feeling very thirsty and hungry while
breast-feeding and eat accordingly. For every woman who reckons
the weight just fell off while feeding, there's another who says she
gained a stone. Either way, doctors strongly advise against dieting
while breast-feeding.

Does breastfeeding prevent pregnancy?

Breast-feeding particularly in the early months, stops your
period returning for some time. But this tends only to be true in mums
who are breast-feeding full-time. Also, you can never be quite sure when
you'll have your first post-baby period until it happens, which means
that you ovulated at least two weeks before. Your doctor can prescribe a
contraceptive while you're feeding. Or use other forms of contraception
until you stop feeding your baby, or you want to make another!

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Does breastfeeding prevents cancer?

There are lower levels of breast cancer in countries where
more women breast-feed. Although it's not a cure, scientists have also
made a link between breast-feeding and lower levels of cancer of the
uterus and ovaries. It may also reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

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