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Remember when you were a child and your parents took you to a firework display? The smell of the burning bonfire, the glow-in-the-dark necklaces and bracelets, the hot dogs and toffee apples and the beautiful light displays against the black sky? It's a really fun night out for kids - just make sure you follow our guide and you'll have a brilliant and safe evening out!


You'll be spending a lot of time outside, so make sure everyone's dressed for the occasion - warm coats, boots, thick socks, hats and gloves are essential for keeping the family warm! And the last thing you want to hear when you've just arrived is: 'Mum, I'm cold!' Don't forget to take a brolly too, just in case!

Make sure your kids stay a safe distance away from the bonfire. Some public events put up safety barriers around the bonfire, but at others you can get very close. It's tempting to warm your hands near the flames, but don't forget bonfires spit and bits of wood, sparks, or bits of the Guy could float down and catch alight on clothes.

Kids can get hungry in the fresh air, particularly if they're being allowed to stay up past their usual bedtime for the special occasion. Take along snacks like sausage rolls and treats like nutty toffee apples. Make sure you also take a look at our delicious Bonfire Night recipes.


Also make sure you read our top tips on staying safe while using fireworks.


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