Keeping pets safe on Bonfire Night

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Firework displays
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Animals can get very frightened and distressed by fireworks. Here's some advice from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home on how to keep them happy and comfortable:

  1. Make sure your pet has a collar with an ID tag, or is microchipped, so that if they do run away they can be identified.
  2. Keep your pet indoors, but don't shut them in confined areas as they could hurt themselves.
  3. If they have a favourite place, make sure they have access to that. Drape a blanket over a table for a dog to hide underneath, or place a box on top of a wardrobe for a cat to hide in.
  4. Flashes can also upset pets so draw your curtains. Keep some rooms light and some dark so your pet can choose where he feels safest.
  5. Turn on a radio or the TV to mask the sounds of fireworks.
  6. Avoid letting pets out or walking dogs when fireworks might be let off.
  7. Try to act normally. If we see our pets are upset our natural response is to comfort them, but by doing this our pets assume we are also worried so it makes them more upset!

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