Peppa Pig knitting pattern

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Peppa Pig knitting pattern
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Any parent with toddlers will be more than a little familiar with Peppa Pig! And our friends at Woman's Weekly magazine have been busy creating this great pattern for you to follow.


What better treat for a little person than their own cuddly knitted Peppa to snuggle with? This adorable Peppa Pig pattern costs just £3.99 and is sure to make a lovely gift for newborns, birthdays and even as a Christmas pressie.


Oops! Peppa's under maintenance right now, but she'll be back shortly!


In the meantime how about having a go at one of our FREE knitting patterns? We've got 17 for you to choose from.



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schortz arielle

Bonjour comment obtenir les explicarions de m et md peppa ? Merci


The page with the needle sizes and instructions aren't there to download can anyone tell me the needle sizes please


Hi looking for a pattern for a knitted Peppa pig toy. Thanks

Gemma Chandler

Glad you liked it, Deb!

Gemma Chandler

Hi Elsa, We've had a chat with our knitting expert, Tina Egleton, over at Woman's Weekly, and she's given us the following advice: The best way to sew in snout would be with back stitch worked along wrong side, just setting in sleeves. Stuff the head first and see if you still have the problem. The stuffing will stretch the fabric and therefore will pull snout into position. If you're still not happy, try the following: Make sure that the snout is not too big for its opening. This could happen when the tension is incorrect. Iron on interfacing to wrong side of snout piece. Cut a stout card to fit inside the snout and using fabric glue attach it to wrong side. I hope this is some help! Gemma x

Angela Crockfrord

i would like to knit a jumper with a peppa pig motive. Can anyone help please

Deb Crawford

Thank you!


Can someone please email this pattern to me I've. We. Looking ages for it and can't get it to download


The second page of the print-out (with the instructions) was a blank. Tried again with the same results.

Tati Nini

I'm interested to knit Peppa for my daugther. How can I do?


Anyone have a useful link to help me with the chain stitching?


aww so cute love to have a go:)

Elsa Rouviere

what is the best joining stitch to get a perfect snout just as in the picture, I keep on getting it awkwardly bending


Oops found it - it just wasn't on my printout of the pattern!


Have really enjoyed making this - but where's the tail? it mentions leaving a gap in the dress for the tail, but there are no instructions!

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