Ceramic painting

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Easter chick ceramic painting

Turn plain china into something special with ceramic paint.

You will need:

  • Tracing paper
  • Soft pencil
  • Plain white ceramic plate and mug
  • Masking tape
  • Mid blue, green, light blue, bright pink and lilac ceramic paint
  • Medium and fine artist's paintbrushes



1. Trace chick B, write your choice of name on another piece of tracing paper, and roughly cut out tracings- you can find chick B by clicking here. Turn them over and redraw with a soft pencil. Tape tracings right side up on the plate and redraw with a sharp pencil to transfer design. Remove tracings.

2. Similarly, trace name onto mug, 1cm above base. Decrease chicken motif on a photocopier to fit your mug, then trace above the name.

3. Paint the body of the chicks with mid-blue ceramic paint and the tail feathers and comb with bright pink, using a medium brush. Use a fine brush to paint the beak, legs and name green, and then to apply a row of alternate mid- and light blue dots to edge of plate and mug.

4. When the paint has dried, use the fine brush to paint a light blue heart and dot an eye and apply lilac dots at random on the chicken. When dry, paint a smaller pink heart on the blue heart. Add tiny pink hearts around name on mug, and a few lilac dots above.

5. Set the painted china aside to dry, then follow the paint manufacturer's instructions to set the paints (usually by baking).


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