Grow your own: Tomatoes

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Grow your own tomatoes
Growing tomatoes is easy to do in the garden, in a greenhouse or even just on a sunny window ledge. And they're well worth the effort, home-grown tomatoes always taste the best.

Did you know?

Tomatoes are sometimes known as a 'super superfood'. Studies have shown that they can protect against heart disease, lower cholesterol and they're full of anti oxidants. They've also been suggested as a good hangover cure. 

What you'll need

  • Tomato seeds
  • Multi-purpose compost
  • Vermiculite
  • Small pot to sow all seeds in at first
  • Variety of small pots to pot them individually once germinated
  • Variety of larger pots to for final potting
  • High potash fertiliser
    Garden canes
  • Either: A plastic cover, Dithane 945 or a copper based fungicide

When to start planting?

Start growing tomatoes by planting indoor varieties in Feb, outdoor varieties in early April.

When are they ready?

July - August.

Where to plant?

In a warm, sunny, sheltered spot. You can get both indoor and outdoor varieties - so buy outdoor varieties if you don't have a greenhouse.

Step-by-step guide

  • Sow a few seeds onto the surface of a small pot of moist seed compost.
  • Cover with vermiculite and place in a warm bright spot.
  • When the seedlings germinate, pot them individually and leave them to grow, feeding and watering regularly.
  • Final potting should be in a generous container filled with multipurpose compost.
  • Water regularly and feed weekly with a high potash fertiliser.
  • Support tall plants with canes.
  • From early June, protect outdoor plants with a plastic cover or spray with Dithane 945 or a copper based fungicide.


Around £2 for a pack of seeds.

Top tip for growing

Once they're in their final pots, regularly mist flowers and foliage to aid fruit set.

Goodtoknow's easy gardening rating:

2/5 - easy to get started but take quite a bit of care while they're growing.

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