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From pirate inspired sandwiches and crisps, to chocolate and sweets and of course, the all-important birthday cake! We've got loads of fun, tasty and easy-to-make pirate themed recipes guaranteed to fill the tummies of all the little pirates at the party.

Birthday cakes

Pirate party cakes can be anything from a basic sponge cake with a treasure island map made out of coloured icing on top, to sunken pirate ships or treasure chests filled with 'gold'.

Depending on how much time, money and patience you have, we've got recipes to make a treasure map cake or a skull & crossbones cake.

But, you don't have to make a themed cake, cupcakes or giant cupcakes are just as delicious and you can always decorate them with pirate colours such as red, white and black. We've got a host of decorative cupcakes you could try as well as a giant cupcake recipe (with a helpful video) to give the wow factor. If you just want to buy a cake, we've rounded up the best pirate cakes on the high street.


You can also get the kids involved with our 10 fairy cakes to make with the kids or follow our simple and easy-to-follow vanilla cupcakes recipe and decorate however you wish using our handy cake decorating tips

If you need more inspiration, check out our gallery of kids' birthday cake ideas and birthday cakes our goodtoknow users have made.

goodtoknow tip: You can find pirate cake decorations such as plastic figures, masts and treasure at stores including Toys'R'Us, Early Learning Centre and Toymaster. 

Party food: Savoury

Party food for a pirate party can be made really fun by the names you decide to call everything. Obviously, you don't want to be serving authentic pirate groul but you can try and fool the kids by giving our delicious recipes imaginative names. Remember, party food can consist of almost anything you want in bite-size pieces but
generally, you can keep it nice and simple with small, easy-to-make snacks and treats perfect for kids to pick at when they're hungry.

  • Pizza - aka pirate pizza - it's nearly always a winner but keep the toppings simple for any fussy eaters
  • Rolls - aka desert island grub in a bun - you can make up a different 'grub' for each filling, turkey filled or multi-coloured - the options are endless
  • Sausages in bacon - aka - dead mans fingers - you can pretend they're gruesome but they'll taste great
  • Annabel Karmel's chicken dippers - aka castaway cutlets - these will definitely look the part! Follow this simple recipe for a tasty snack kids will love
  • Sausage rolls - aka peg legs - we've got a great recipe with a twist that kids will snap up instant
  • Potato wedges - aka parrots beaks -the kids will love these wedges that could quite easily pass as parrots beaks! They can be served with or without spice
Party food: Sweet
  • Buttery moo biscuits - aka skull and crossbones flags - you can change the iced decoration on them to suit the theme of the party
  • Honeycomb - aka the lost treasure - these look like chunks of gold or precious stones and taste delicious
  • Milk strawberry sticks - aka crabs legs - a healthy and tasty treat - what's not to love?
  • Peppermint creams - white gold - these make fun additions to a party spread
  • Lemon squares - aka treasure island squares - the lemon colour will look like sand and you can top them with green decorations to look like tress

Party drinks
  • Orangatang cocktail- aka Jolly Roger juice - This is just orange and cranberry juice but the kids will love the name
  • Morning star cocktail - aka Ruby punch - You can adapt this recipe slightly using flavoured and coloured ice cubes. The night before the party, fill ice cube trays up with cranberry juice, or a red fruit squash, then at the party drop a few cubes into glasses lemonade to make them look as though jewels are floating in them.

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