'I'm not an idiot, Mum'

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Teenager with cartilage pierced on her ear

Karen is a mum of mixed sex, 14-year-old twins. And knows it. Each week she shares with us what her terrible two have been up to.

'Teenie one, defiant as ever, decided to pierce her ear with a needle and a bag of frozen peas. Not just through ear lobe, oh no, that would be far too easy. She pierced it through the cartilage at the top.

Now don't get me wrong, I am reasonably relaxed about my teens' appearance (although I do draw the line at ear plugs and spray tans). However, I am concerned about their health. Did she sterilise the needle? 'Of course,' was her reply, 'I'm not an idiot!'

I think perhaps she is.

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On closer questioning it turned out she had 'run it under the hot tap for ages!' Not only is she now in hot water with her Head of Year but I am starting to doubt whether choosing GCSE science was such a good idea.' 

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