My teen two: 'Time to get strict!'

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Karen is a mum of mixed sex, 14-year-old twins. And knows it. Each week she shares with us what her terrible two have been up to. This week's installment is all about how her teens treat their home like a hotel!

'My teens are turning me into a nag. 'Take your cup to the kitchen.' 'Put your plates in the dishwasher.' 'Don't leave your wet towels on the floor.' I seem to be forever on at them just to do the basics. My daughter does this thing where she won't actually respond until you've asked her at least 5 times. I think she's working on the principle that I'll either give up telling her or do it myself... and she's often right. Teenagers do have a way of grinding you down.

'Now at the end of a long summer holiday they have exhausted my good will. I have funded them, ferried them around and given in to all requests for sleepovers, shopping trips and seaside excursions (to which I am not invited!). They have taken all this as though it was their God given right without any real signs of gratitude or appreciation. But times are a changing and they better watch out because their mother is about to turn!

'Punishment is all very well but if you punish a teenager they don't learn a lesson they just think that you're the enemy and that your response is wholly unfair and unjustified. Instead I have decided to introduce consequences but ones over which they have total control. They treat the place like a hotel and me, like their chief maid and bottle washer, so I have decided to introduce charges for my services. Every time I have to take a discarded plate to the kitchen, or scoop up a sweaty football strip from the bathroom floor it's going to cost them 50p which will be deducted from their monthly allowance. I've drawn up a chart which has gone on the kitchen noticeboard. Let's see how long it takes for them to mend their slovenly ways.'

Sound familiar? Can you relate to what Karen's saying? Leave us a comment below to let us know your experiences. 

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