'Hostile hormones'

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Teenage tantrums
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Karen is a mum of mixed sex, 14-year-old twins. And knows it. Each week she shares with us what her terrible two have been up to.

'Teenie one may walk around with a peace symbol on her jumper but she acts like a mini dictator with a nuclear threat that leaves us all on edge.
'Now it's fair to say that we've got used to her daily defiance, general rudeness and lack of consideration. We have learnt to bite our tongues, roll our eyes and choose our battles wisely. If she's waspish and snipey we give her a wide berth. If we sense she is spoiling for a fight we distance ourselves for fear of lighting the touch paper.

'My husband no longer greets me from work with a 'hi Honey I'm home'. His first words through the door are usually a whispered 'what sort of mood is SHE in today?' He knows full well that the quality of his evening will be dictated by the mood of his daughter.

'Thankfully, Teenie one only properly blows her stack once every 3 months or so. Perhaps we should count our blessings! But when she does blow she really takes the roof off, flipping out on such an epic scale that would make Ben Hur look like an episode of Corrie. Quite often the trigger is something trivial. So much so, that I wonder whether these violent outbursts are some sort of necessary release. It's a bit like a thunderstorm, clears the air and calms things down for a while. And she does seem quieter and nicer in the weeks immediately after one of her huge hissy fits, as though she's shocked herself with her extreme behaviour.

'Her twin brother is not nearly so angry or volatile. Is it a girl thing or just a personality thing? Who knows? Whatever it is, the fallout is considerable and leaves the whole family shaken and subdued for days. Sanctions are then nervously imposed and we all walk around on egg shells wondering when the next meltdown will come.'

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