3 under 3: Separated at birth

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Amy Condon and her 3 daughters under 3

Amy Condon is a mum to 3 kids, who are all under 3! Yes, you heard us right. Each week she tells us all about the ups and downs of bringing up 3 children so close in age. This week Amy talks about her twin daughters and how they both embrace their individuality...

'Everyone wants twins, don't they? They look extra cute snuggled up together as newborns. They share their successes and push each other to have new adventures. Long after single babies have stopped attracting special attention, twins still draw in the crowds. They're just a little bit special, aren't they? So, if you had them, you'd make the most of it, wouldn't you? Give them matching names, buy them matching outfits and matching toys... Or would you?

'My main concern when naming the girls was postal. I mean, can you imagine how annoying it would be to have the same initial? If letters came to Miss J Smith and there were two of you? Just plain irritating. But when I thought about it, I realised I didn't just want different initials, I wanted the girls to have totally different names. After all, they weren't a ‘pair' or a ‘set' for me to dress up and parade around. I loved both Eleanor and Marianne, but feared any Jane Austin fan would think I'd come over all Sense and Sensibility, and I even agonised over giving the girls our 2 favourite names, just because they both ended in ‘a'. In the end, I realised I ought to relax a bit. But I've stuck by my pledge to treat them as individuals.

'Turns out it hasn't been hard as the twins are nothing alike. They look totally different and are such different little people. And they know it. Perhaps it's a reaction to being a twin, or perhaps all siblings are like this, but they love what makes them different. Especially their names. G loves absolutely everything that begins with G, and T adores everything that starts with T. If they see ‘their' letter on anything, they're overjoyed. I often turn on Countdown simply to see their utter delight every time G or T comes up. They each have a padded letter above their bed, as well as a wooden one on the end of it, and another on the door. T loves tigers and turtles and toast, while G adores giraffes, gorillas and her granny and granddad. As twins they share so much, but their letters are theirs alone. Needless to say, when M came along, all names beginning with T or G were ruled out, and she too now has her own little niche - monkeys, mice, marmalade - all just for her.

'I'm one of 3 girls born within 4 years, and my mum used to love dressing us all alike. I'll admit, we looked absolutely adorable, and had my girls been different ages, I'd have been just as guilty of taking photos to make their teenage selves cringe. But with twins, it's different. I love how people still stop and say hello to the girls when they're walking down the road, hand-in-hand. I love how they have a ready-made best friend for life. But although the world might see my girls as a set, I don't. I have 3 separate little people, all with their own likes, their own feelings and their own clothes. And each with their own special letter, just for them.'

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