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Mummy blog: 3 under 3

Amy Condon is a mum to 3 kids, who are all under 3! Yes, you heard us right. Each week she tells us all about the ups and downs of bringing up 3 children so close in age. This week Amy's little twins turn 3, and she reflects on what it's been like bringing up her 3 under 3...

'So, I've done it. I've survived. I was a mum to 3 under 3 and lived to tell the tale. 3 years ago, as I cradled G and T in my arms, this day seemed a lifetime away. My tiny babies are 3. Proper little ladies. Cheeky, charming, challenging little ladies. I did it. I survived. We survived. With a bonus little M along the way too. But then, I always knew we would.

That first night in hospital, as I stroked 6lb1oz G's thick black hair, and as I carefully gave tiny 5lb 4oz T her cup feed to try to correct her low blood sugar, I should have been terrified. Suddenly, I had 2 such precious things to take care of, 2 fragile little people who were relying on me. I had so much to lose. But I didn't feel scared. I remember so clearly those first few hours in the recovery suite, just me, Daddy, G and T. I honestly can't understand how anyone can ever have been happier.

Of course, as that very first night in hospital would soon confirm, my girls might have been everything I'd ever wanted, but they were also bloody hard work. I got no sleep. I don't mean only an hour or 2, only the odd nap here and there. I mean none. Zero hours. Zero minutes. T kept having to have heel-prick tests to check her blood sugar, she and G would only sleep on me, they both fed constantly, and they pooped in relay. I saw every single hour pass on my bedside clock, willing it to be visiting time at 8am and for the cavalry to arrive. Luckily, T's sugar levels did even out and I was allowed to take my babies home the following afternoon. OK, so less than 48 hours after a double C-section, I wasn't exactly sprightly, but I had Daddy and Granny, and together, we muddled through. This twin thing wasn't so hard. Then Granny went home. And Daddy went back to work. I remember sitting that first day, pinned to the sofa under 2 sleeping infants, too terrified of them waking to move, boobs exposed as putting them away seemed too watch effort, wondering what the hell I'd done, remembering the doctor at my egg implantation...

‘We recommend 2 be put back in, to maximise your chances,' she said. ‘Is that OK?'

Is that OK? After all I'd been through? After the tests, the scans, the hormones, the worry...Of course,' I said, barely glancing at my husband for approval. ‘Do it.'

When a scan 7 weeks later showed not 1 but 2 heartbeats, I just couldn't really take it in. 2 heartbeats. 2 babies. How would I cope with 2 babies? I could never have dreamed that less than 2 years after those teeny blips became actual little people, I'd actually be coping with 3. 3 under 3. 3 under 2, actually. But I did survive it. And the funny thing is, as terrifying as it may sound, I'd recommend it.

I had a tiny scare this month, when my body decided to get its monthly timings slightly off. Recently, as M reached the age the twins were when we found out she was coming, I found myself wondering. 4 under 4? That wouldn't really be so bad...

But when that daydreaming seemed actually possible, my true feelings were obvious. I was terrified. This was no joke, no funny story to tell, no silver lining. I was petrified. When it turned out to be nothing more than a hormonal blip, I practically wept with relief. I'm done.

As the twins excitedly ripped the paper off their 3rd birthday presents and M toddled round at full pace wishing everyone ‘Happy birthday!' whether it was their birthday or not, I realised that I can't have imagined doing this any other way. My girls will all grow up together, best friends and closest of enemies, and their dad and I can start remembering what it's like to be grown-ups again. Some people might think having 3 kids in nappies together is too much, but at least I got it all over with quickly. The thought of going back there now send shivers down my spine. Twins I never dreamt I'd be lucky enough to have, and a miracle baby I never knew I'd be able to conceive on my own...3 under 3 may not have been the way I'd planned it, but I can't imagine life any other way.'

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