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Kate Middleton
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A British newspaper reported that Kate Middleton's due date was July 13 2013, but now that the date has come and gone, when can we expect the royal baby to put in an appearance?


Statistics show that only about 5% of babies are born on their due dates, so Kate's with the majority of women who don't give birth on that day. Plus, due dates are only an estimate and, because she's never revealed her due date to the media, July 13th was not just an estimate, it was a guesstimate!


Most babies arrive within a week of their due date, though, so we haven't got long to go and we're sure Kate's watching out for all the signs of labour and we wonder if she's tried any of these natural ways to induce labour.


If Kate hasn't gone into spontaneous labour by July 23 it's likely that her doctors will consider starting an induction process. This can sometimes increase a mother's chances of having a Caesarean Section.


Make sure you watch this space and we'll bring you the good news as soon as we have it!


We've calculated that Kate was likely to have conceived between the 16th and 24th of October. So we checked our spookily accurate Chinese birth predictor which says... Kate's having a girl!


Look back at all the pictures of Kate's growing baby bump in our bump watch gallery.


Were you early, on time, or overdue? Let us know in the comments section below.


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Elizabeth, Margaret Diana,

I think the Royal baby will arrive on either 9th or 12th July.


For goodness sake, leave the girl some privacy - and how about letting the you g parents choose the name of their child. What are we coming to, with this Kate mania, it's really unkind to intrude on this special time, surely?

Lorraine Carter

if she has the baby on the 14th, she can feel free to name it after me as that's my birthday! Id like to see them remember Will's mum Diana tho somewhere in the full name of the baby.

charlotte elizabeth diana

charlotte elizabeth diana would be a nice name , we v never had a queen charlotte


can't believe they have even worked out when she conceived,whatever next.


Diana Elizabeth Victoria


I think they should call it Diana if it is a girl,it is all down to her that William is such a lovely caring man.Elizabeth for a second name


i think it will be a girl-Elizabeth Diana

Gemma Chandler

Hi Happy Homebird, great name suggestion. The name Bertram means 'bright, famous raven', so would certainly suit if Kate and Wills have a baby boy!


That's not a due date, that's a month.

Happy Homebird

Bertram :)

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