Easter face painting designs

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Face painting ideas: rabbit and chicken

Kids love Easter, (and so do we!), so we've thought of some fun ways in which you can get into the spring feeling by creating these Easter face painting designs.

There's more to do than just eat chocolate you know! How about playing dress up with the kids and turning them into some cute and cuddly Easter characters? Or throwing an Easter party or host your very own Easter egg hunt in which the kids can become the Easter bunny or a spring chicken for the day? Follow our step-by-step instructions to create these Easter face painting designs and simply add some bunny ears or a yellow feather boa to complete the look.

We love these  Easter face painting designs as not only are they suitable for all ages, (who ever grows out of thinking bunnies and chicks are cute?) but they are also great for both little boys and little girls.

Plus here we've got some great Easter crafts to get eggs-ited about!

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Which Easter face painting design do you want to paint? Just click on the picture to see the step-by-step guide



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Gemma Chandler

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