Party face painting ideas for kids

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Party face painting ideas for kids
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The kids will love getting the face paints out and transforming into an exciting new character for a party. We've got loads of face painting ideas for kids, they're step-by-step tutorials that are easy to follow, so you can paint your kids' faces for them and make their day really special. We've got face painting ideas for kids who love animals, princesses, wizards and more!


Simply click on the picture below to see the face paint tutorial you want to follow!



     Roaring lion face paint                             Fearsome leopard face paint




    Fairytale princess face paint                       Fluffy bunny face paint




      Cute chick face paint                            Magical and spooky face paint


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Beryl Dent

This is wonderful, there are lots of people who are learning about the excitement that Face Painting Sydney can bring to both the children and the adults who partake, using face paint or body paint that is safe to use on a regular basis is also a great thing too because then children and adults can use face or body paint all the time!

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