Flower names for babies

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Flower names
Flower names have always been a popular baby name trend - look back to previous generations and you'll hear of lots of babies named Rose, Iris and Lily.

And it looks like this botanical baby name trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Lots of parents searching for 2017 baby names have been turning their attention to the garden and opting for flower and plant names for girls and boys.

In recent years several celebrities have picked flower names for their new babies. Jamie Oliver has three daughters named after flowers: Poppy Honey Rosie, Daisy Boo Pamela and Petal Blossom Rainbow. Geri Halliwell's little girl is named Bluebell and Kate Beckinsale's daughter is Lily.

If you're after some floral inspiration and like the idea of a flower name for your little one, let us inspire you with our selection of baby names below.

Flower names for girls

It has to be said that flower names for girls are some of the prettiest baby names out there. From classic favourites such as Lily and Jasmine to slightly trendier choices like Lavender, we can see why you would want one of these monikers for your bouncing baby girl.

BlossomHazelLotus Sunflower

Flower names for boys

Flower names for baby boys are a lot less common, but that's an even better reason for picking one! Give your little lad a unique name like Juniper and we'll bet he will blossom into a wonderful young man.

AlderCelynIndigo Rowan
AntonioClemJacek Sage
Ashley ElmKetakThyme
BasilFiorelloKunal Yarrow
BudFlorian  Quill William
CedarHadley RenZahir

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Did you opt for a floral name for your little one? Let us know in the comments below!

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