The Royal baby's birth to be announced on Twitter

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Kate Middleton
Has the world gone social media mad? Clarence House have announced they'll be tweeting news of the royal arrival as it happens!

Ok, so maybe they'll spare us all the intimate details from the delivery room but it's thought that St James' Palace will first let the world know about the new little prince or princess via Clarence House's official Twitter feed.

As is customary, a notice will also be placed upon the palace gates to mark the royal baby's arrival but we think somehow, the news will spread faster via the Twitterati!

So, if you haven't already got a Twitter account, make sure you get one, if only be one of the first to hear the news when Kate gives birth. We're going to be glued to our feed in the weeks running up to Kate's official due date of July 13th.

Got any Royal baby name ideas? Leave us a comment below to let us know your favourites.

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Flir F

Oh, Dw i'n hoffi Gwenllian...da iawn!

Sara Hill

How about Sara which means Princess . Not sure about a boy's name.


People may think I am old fashioned but I think the royal birth should be announced officially by the Palace. Too many traditions are being forgotten by this generation.

Meinir Thomas

Llywelyn for a boy, Gwenllian for a girl.

Laura Quayle

Why did you bother to read this article and then comment on it then?


I think announcing any birth via Twitter is tacky. One of my favorite names is Amanda, it means "worthy of love" that sounds pretty royal to me. For a boy I like Joshua or Alexander.

Peter Todhunter

No interest in royalty and what goes on

Margaret Doney

If this is true, I just hope those people who take great pleasure in being nasty when well known people (i.e Mr & Mrs Rooney) make announcements like this on twitter will keep their nasty comments to themselves? But I doubt it!!!

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