Son inspires Dad's first book

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David Bennet with his son, Oliver, and the book, The Giant Normous

A dad-of-3 from Derbyshire has published a children's book after being inspired by a funny comment made by his little boy...

David Bennet, 39, from Codnor in Derbyshire, is used to protecting commercial ships from pirates in his day job, but the former marine's career has taken a suprisingly different turn, after he was inspired to write a children's book by his second son, Oliver, aged 8.

When Oliver was just 3, he was trying to describe something huge to his dad, and missed out the 'e' in 'enormous'. David said, 'When they are 3 or 4 they sometimes say really funny things, and this one just stuck in my head as being unique.'

And so, The Giant Normous was published! The story features a little boy who doesn't like going to bed, and so employs the help of the 'Normous monster under his bed to make his dad let him stay up later.

David said of the book, 'It's almost like a love letter to my children. It's something nice I can leave for them.'

Like the sound of The Giant Normous? You can buy it online from

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