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Kate Middleton
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29th May 2013: It's been confirmed by a member of Kate Middleton's family that Kate is to move in with her parents after the birth of the royal baby.

Kate's uncle, Gary Goldsmith, told the Telegraph that Kate would be moving back to her mother and father's house with William, to avoid the stress of the media frenzy that is sure to take place shortly after the birth.

Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton (pictured here at the royal wedding), currently live in a Georgian manor house in Berkshire, and it seems this will be where Kate will retreat to for the first 6 weeks of motherhood. 

Her uncle said, 'The fact that they're taking the baby to Carole's for the first 6 weeks is genius. Carole's a brilliant mum - she is 10 years older than me and practised on me - and I think it's the right thing to do. It will take the pressure off Kate.'

It's thought that the Duchess will return to her parents' home in early July, in preparation for her official due date later in the month.

It's also believed that Kensington Palace, where Kate and William are set to live after the birth, won't be finished on time as they are having renovation work done.

We think it's a great idea for Kate to get some help from her parents during the first precious weeks with her newborn. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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We haven't had a King Arthur for a long time, so maybe that would be nice for a main name then there's Christopher or Bertram or even Peter for a change. For a girl, I'd love to see Grace, such an elegant name or Eleanor or even Frances. I'm quite sure they have chosen the names already and are just waiting to see which name 'fits' best after the bub is here. As with all new births, best of luck to them. We expect to become great-grandparents on or around the same date when our granddaughter has her daughter.


Yes!!! I fully agree.


however the nation loves kate and William they must be allowed to get on with being parents ,in my opinion 6 weeks is to long there is only one difference with kate and William they are royals other than that they are no different from any new parents let them get on with it yes they will make mistakes all new parents do but please let them enjoy being new parents

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