Has Kate fibbed about her due date?

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Kate Middleton

26th June 2013: Rumours are flying that Kate Middleton and Prince William may have bent the truth about Kate's due date, in order to fool the press.

The Duchess, who's been expected by media worldwide to give birth around the 13 July, may actually have played a little trick on us!

Kate told reporters that she was expecting her little one in mid-July, and the generally accepted date was the 13th, after some close friends apparently let slip the date. But according to new reports, Kate and Wills' due date could be a whole 10 days earlier than we thought.

It seems the royal couple have taken a clever leaf out of Princess Diana's book, who tricked the press by announcing she was due to give birth to Prince William on her birthday, the 1 July, when in actual fact the little Prince arrived 10 days earlier, on 21 June.

Prince William attended the wedding of Melissa Percy and Tom van Straubenzee without Kate on the 22 June, as Kate chose to stay at home in case she went into early labour, so it seems as if the couple are expecting the baby any day now.

If the speculation is true that means that the royal bundle of joy could be arriving as early as 3 July, how exciting!

Do you think the Duke and Duchess could have fibbed about their due date? Let us know in our comments section below.

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Kate's pregnancy was announced to the world on the 3rd December, therefore she would have been 3 months gone,so the baby should have been born this week, but as this her first give and she is having a natural birth, give or take one to 2 weeks on top, so she should have it the beginning of July. Good Luck to the proud parents.

Carol Stapleton

Superb behaviour from Kate n co. Who would want the worlds bizzibodies intruding on such a private affair. For me; the fact that 'Royal' comes into the equation means nothing to me as a I am not a royalist, but I'm also not anti-royalist. My position with this topic is I just don't recognise their status. However, Kate IS a human being and is about to bear a child, and from one mother to another, I wish all good things for Kate and the new baby. I feel that things will be absolutely normal for all concerned.


I'm not royalty but I always lie about my due date to family and friends. I, however, add a whole month to my EDD lol.


When a baby is due so many people say 'Is it late?' or give 'helpful hints' to induce labour or its all anyone wants to talk about I don't blame her for being evasive.It was bad enough for me and I didn't have the worlds press watching and commenting


There baby will come when it want's to,so what about dates,Its not anything to do with the public,and if she is late they will induce her.And as long as she and the baby are healthy that's all that matters.


if it means that she has a reasonbly private labour and birth without the stress of dealing with the worlds media then yes..... dowhat you want Kate and Will... it is your baby;; x

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