'I judge children by their names': Katie Hopkins angers Holly on This Morning

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Holly Willoughby

3rd July 2013: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield are shocked by the opinions of former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins, who says she won't allow her children to play with children with 'lower class' names in this shocking TV interview.

The former Apprentice star appeared on This Morning to discuss the stigma that goes with names such as 'Tyler' and 'Chardonnay'.

In the interview, Katie says that children with names such as these are more likely to have not done their homework, and be a disruptive influence at school.

She even goes so far as to say that 'children that have intelligent names tend to have fairly intelligent parents, and they make much better playdates for my children.'

She also says that she doesn't like 'footballers names... names after seasons of the year... geographical location names', despite the fact that one of her children is called India, as Phil points out, at which point Holly can't help but burst into fits of giggles!

At one point during the interview, Holly, who looks horrified at what Katie is admitting to, states, 'Listen to what you're saying. You judge children - on their names!'

At the end of the interview Holly loses her cool completely and tells Katie, 'Oh stop. Stop right there', and ends the interview!

You can watch the video below, it's a must see!

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We'd love to hear your opinions on this. Do you think it's right that Katie restricts who her children are friends with based on the names of the other children? Let us know in your comments section below.

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Jo oldale

She's a horrendous right wing snob

Genevieve Scott

This is rich,coming form a woman with bleached hair and teeth wearing snakeskin on morning T.V with children named India,(haven of pot smoking hippy's in the sixty's .meaning river) Poppy (meaning flower which represents death and is also used to produce opium)and Maximilian (meaning the greatest)I wonder if any of her children were conceived in a field.If you live in a glass house why throw stones .Inferiority complex anyone we can all be judgmental

The orchard

My children have been privately educated at an excellent school. I have to say that If my child wanted anything to do with Katie Hopkins or her social climbing family, I would be horrified. I think her children will find life very hard following an interview like this. Who on earth does she think she is.

Lorraine Kilner

What an ignorant woman. I wounder how many don't like her children's names. I hope they don't have her attitude and are also ignorant. Grow up woman, with your attitude I would NOT let my children play with her children. I judge her by her attitude and she is one of the lowest self opinionated not worth knowing people I have heard.


Katie, despite being a bit of a snob, does have a point - you can tell quite a bit by a name, but it is not 100% fool proof as she suggests. perhaps her use of the word 'class' is more disturbing - i think she is of a privileged background but lacks the class that many less well off folk do.


India and Poppy (geographical and botanical) so obviously she disregards her own criteria. She's a snob surprised her children aren't in private school so she can reduce the risk of mixing with Tyler's and Charmaine's love what she thinks about the future king being called George a nice working class name!

Alison Lockwood

I can not believe this woman who does she think she is..... What a horrible attitude !!!!! God help her children

Sue Wright

I heard someone shouting "Tyler" this morning and I just burst out laughing at the thought of this interview....strange lady (especially with her Poppy and India children which are both botanical and geographical!).


What an ignorant, narrow-minded and utterly stupid woman.


Appalling! Not only insulting but the woman is clearly stupid. Her children are named India and Poppy, despite the fact she stated she does not think that geographical names and names of flowers are names of children she would allow play dates with. Sad to think 9% of people agree with as well! Also I don't believe for a second that she does not judge base on surnames - only first names- clearly just trying to save herself there.


I didn't watch the video yet,judging only from the short description in the article...It might to a certain extent be really related to or reflect the "inteligence" of parents sometimes...But not as a rule and law.By the way,I'd say name "Katie" is not "noble" at all.


Personally I wouldn't care to mix with anyone with such snobby values. In my experience they tend not to make good mothers with no common sense and I certainly would have reservations about any child of mine mixing with that sort of family. Secondly I have a friend with a daughter sharing the name Poppy and she is a trouble maker but they are a lovely working class family all the same. How can Katies daughter be any different to my friends daughter because of their names. I teach my child respect for all so as to develop an all round balanced human being.


My children are both working class. Both are at university and doing well for themselves. Also my nieces and nephews are all doing well. Names don't come into it. Well done Holly, Phil and Anna Mae for putting that snob in her place.


The name Katie forever more will ensure I don't call my children by that name or like that name ever again - all because of a snob (in other words deluded) woman appeared on a morning television programme. Tell her to get real and I wonder if her children will be around when she's old, crankier than she is now or will they have gone off to start living real lives and forget she ever existed! How infuriating she was and what a waste of air time!


such a ugly snob feel sorry for her children I wonder if her children have a life I bet it's all rules rules and rules silly woman ...well done holly for stopping the monster !!!!!


Why do you have her on the show such an awful person.

Andrea Thorniley

I do not know how they both kept their cool for so long - I would have told her to leave!

Andrea Thorniley

Well done Holly for putting that total snob in her place!! I would not want my children anywhere near hers as I would probably land her one! I think Holly was trying hard to keep cool

Carol Moresco

Well done Holly for stopping the interview..Katie is not only a judgmental snob but as she commented on some ugly child with a pretty name isn't appropriate...I think she needs to change her name for various reasons...Katie is a lovely name...Philips facial expressions were classic

Roseleanor Ward

I wonder what she'd make of my name? Frankly, it's a disgusting attitude, and if my daughters were young enough to have played with her children, I wouldn't have let them spend time around that awful woman and her children, who unfortunately will grow up with their mother's attitude.

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