Is Kate's due date actually TODAY?

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

19 July 2013: It's been widely reported that Kate Middleton's due date was the 13 July, and since the date has been and gone it was believed the arrival of the royal baby would be any day now, as the Duchess is overdue.

But new reports suggest that in fact Kate's due date could be today, 19 July.

While royal officials have refused to give an exact due date, Kate did herself confirm to reporters that she was due in mid-July, but did not give a more specific date than that. However, The Daily Mail reports that staff at St Mary's Hospital were actually given the 19 July as Kate's official due date.

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So it seems the Duchess may not actually be overdue at all!

Doubts over the date were building last weekend after Prince William took part in a polo match in Cheltenham, over 100 miles away from Kate who was then believed to be 1 day overdue.

And even the Queen is becoming impatient to meet her latest great-grandchild, as she told a school girl on an official visit this week she wished the royal baby would 'hurry up', as she's due to go on holiday in a week's time.

If the reports are true and Kate really is due today, we could be waiting up until the 2 August for the little royal arrival.

We hope it does happen soon, we can't wait for a glimpse of the cute new royal! Do you think Kate could actually be due today? Let us know in our comments section below.

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