Travel sickness: Natural remedies for stopping motion sickness

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Motion sickness can affect the best of us. The horrible sickly feeling that crops up when you're in a car, boat, plane or train can turn a relaxing journey into an nightmare - especially if it's one of your children who is prone to travel sickness.

There's nothing worse on a car journey quite like a whimpering voice calling out from the back seat: 'I feel sick!'. But, all hope is not lost, and there are some easy things you can do to help banish travel sickness.

Whether it's for you, your partner or your child, take a look at some of the best tips and natural remedies to help stop that queasy feeling.

Motion sickness remedies

Acupressure bands

Some sickly travellers swear by stretchy bands that are worn around the wrist. The bands apply pressure to a particular point on the inside of your wrist, which is said to reduce motion sickness. They can be purchased in pharmacies.

Ginger biscuits and peppermint sweets

When thinking about what snacks to take for your journey, ginger biscuits are a must. The root is known to help digestion and have anti-sickness qualities. If your child is already feeling queasy give them a peppermint candy to suck on. Peppermint can ease sickness while sucking on the sweet helps keep your stomach calm. Not a fan of mints? Lemon sweets work just as well. However, the night before travelling it's best to avoid any big meals (and any alcohol for the grown ups) and keep hydrated for the whole journey.

Focus on a fixed point

Travel sickness is caused when your inner ear and eyes disagree over whether you are moving. When travelling, your inner ear can sense that you are moving, but if your eyes are looking inside the car, your brain will think the opposite. By encouraging your little one to focus on a fixed point on the horizon, it will help their inner ear and brain match up. If it's one of the grown-ups who is affected, sitting in the front seat can also make focusing easier.

Don't read in the car

Little bookworms are sure to pack a backpack full of books to entertain themselves during the journey, but as reading is a major cause of travel sickness, try to dissuade this. Instead pop on a story CD, or set them a challenge to spot cars with roof boxes, or see who can spot the first VW camper van.

Open the windows

It may seem simple, but a good dose of fresh air can work wonders when it comes to motion sickness. Wind down the windows and tell your tot to take deep breaths until they feel more settled.

Keep still

Telling the kids to sit still when on a long journey is no easy task, but it can actually do wonders for travel sickness. If you're flying or travelling by train, try to put your child in a middle seat or cabin, as these will have the least amount of movement.

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Stay calm

It might sound obvious, but worrying about travel sickness can actually make it worse. Try breathing exercises to relaxed and listen to music to distract yourself when on the move.

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David Gosley

The comment above referring to worrying about it is also very true. Worrying about the possibility of being sick can bring on "Emetophobia" which is a fear nausea and vomiting becoming so strong it makes it almost inevitable and nausea and vomiting can occur purely due to that. Take a look at the “Nevasic” app. It’s been through clinical trial with Westminster College of Medicine – their results published in the International Journal of Travel Medicine – and the report abstract quotes “provided significant protection” – in fighting travel sickness. Clinically trialled and proven successful – in a study by the National Health Service in the UK the NHS report states an over 90% effectiveness in combating NVP. The National Childbirth trust marketed this product while it was called MorningWell on a CD. The last clinical trial was run by Manchester University with cancer patients enduring treatment and the consequent nausea – and the results from that are the driving influence behind the formation of a nationwide clincal trial with cancer patients. Here are some extra benefits; No drugs, no chemicals, non-ingested, no side effects, no overdose risk, have with you on your mobile so nothing to forget to pick up and take with you, use it anywhere – and when you’ve done with it keep it for life and use it in the family for travel sickness.

Jims David

Carrying the first aid items is the most considerable thing while we are in travelling and it would be great if you can do that.

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