'It's OK to miss your child's birthday' Katie Hopkins argues on This Morning

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Katie Hopkins
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10th September 2013: Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield argue with former Apprentice star Katie Hopkins over celebrating her children's birthdays.


Katie Hopkins, who has 3 children, said that she didn't agree that a child's birthday is their special day, much to the horror of hosts Phillip Schofield, Holly Willoughby and guest Shona Sibary, writer and mother of 4.


Katie said: 'Too many children are seen as too special and have everything - bags of presents from Early Learning, bags of presents from Toys R Us. I think it's really important that children learn that mummy has to work in order to provide for us all and at the weekend or at a convenient time we'll pick up and have a birthday then.'


Holly appeals to Katie, asking her if the day isn't a special day for her too because she can remember the day she gave birth to them, but Katie dismisses the comment as 'overdramatic'.


A shocked Shona adds: 'I can't believe that you're suggesting it's OK for your children to wake up on the morning of their birthday and not open any presents.'


But Katie replies: 'Their presents are in a room and it's their choice whether they open it on their own or they can wait until I'm back at the weekend and we'll open it together. It's their grown-up choice to make.'


Phillip then asks Katie if it's true that she holds one combined party every other year for her 3 children. When she admits it is, he asks: 'Are you tight?'


'I'm efficient,' Katie replies.


Watch the argument unfold on our clip and the insults start flying!





So what do you think? Is it OK to not be there on your child's birthday? Is it OK to postpone it? Is Katie being selfish or realistic? Let us know in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.


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I agree, stop giving her airtime!! She is so spiteful. Poor kids!!!

Leneh Buckle

My kids (5 of them) have never opened presents in the morning on their birthday in their entire lives. Maybe this is a weird Canadian thing (where I'm from), but our family does presents with cake in the evening after tea (of the birthday child's choice). That way, the birthday child is really the focus of everyone's attention and there's no hurry. Who has time while getting kids up and ready for school? We're rushed enough as it is! As for being there, my kids have been away at something more entertaining (school trips, summer camp) on their birthdays a few times, but I haven't missed one that was within my control.

Hard working MUM

Just stop watching her, she only feeding on your feelings that's how she makes her money.


maybe her kids should go into care. they are obviously an inconvienience to her. then someone can show them just how special they are and how idiotic their mum has been. but where is their father in all this mess? does he make the effort? this morning need to be more selective in whom they have as guests unless they want to lose viewers.


This ghastly woman cannot open her mouth without claptrap coming out of it. I imagine "This Morning" is giving her airtime so she can shoot herself in the foot, which she done rather spectacularly! She seems to be too foolish to realise it.


This woman is sick in the head, and I have decided not to watch THIS MORNING any more. Let's face it, they must have invited her on again! After last time, you'd think they'd be more careful to whom they invite! They have invited her to provoke controversy and get more folks watching their programme. Well I'm afraid it's worked to the opposite desire with me - I don't find this entertaining TV at all!!! They need to start inviting better guests - we don't want to watch this RUBBISH!!!


that woman is disgusting she thinks more of herself than her children I feel sorry from them with a mother like that


Oh and miss out on all the increased ratings doubtful, plus whom would you rant about then?


This subject can be hard for divorced and separated parents. This has meant my son not seeing his son on his birthday. However, this just means two birthdays, one one the real day with mummy, one later in the week. Next year, his birthday is on a "daddy day" and he has already said that he will not stop his ex partner seeing her son on his birthday. I brought him up okay!,,


She (Katie) is unbelievably rude has no idea what she is talking about.


Please stop giving this woman air-time!!!! End of x


I wish This Morning would stop having Katie (whatever her name is) on the programme. Clearly she is only ever on to create controversy and quite frankly, she's a nobody off of another dreary reality programme. No doubt she never watches daytime telly because it would be beneath her but she's very happy to take money for appearing on it. GET RID

Lydia Munchkins Mummy Appleyar

my sons birthday normal falls in the wk, so yes we have his party on the wkend but he always always gets his gifts from mummy and daddy on his birthday, and get birthday tea and cake. whats the harm in making a child feel special for 1 day????

Samantha Proudlock

I agree that its not always convenient to have a childs birthday party during the week, but why restrict the presents and fussing on the actual day of their birthday ? Kids are special and should be made to feel so , does Ms Hopkins wait until a time convenient for her children before she celebrates her own birthday ? This woman is shocking ...


Will someone please shoot this awful person

Debbie Blanco

This woman is so awful! Why do they keep letting her on the telly

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