Kate Middleton's tum is flat as a pancake!

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Kate Middleton

18 October 2013: The new mum looked absolutely AMAZING during her very first solo engagement since giving birth to Prince George in July.

As if we weren't envious enough of Kate already, Less than 3 months after giving birth to gorgeous little Prince George, and her tum is as flat as a pancake! Some women get all the luck, eh?



The Duchess, who was out and about on her first solo visit since giving birth in July, tried her hand at a spot of volleyball whilst meeting young athletes and staff at the Stratford Olympic Park (in 3-inch heels no less!).



And while going in for a particularly vigorous volley, we got a glimpse of Kate's washboard stomach. And doesn't she look amazing? We know Kate's always been slim, but we were still shocked to see how great she's looking so soon after giving birth - and not a stretchmark in sight! 

Kate looked lovely in a navy blue blazer, blue jeans and a blue and white striped top - the same outfit that she wore when she last visited the park last year.



Kate was praised by mums everywhere for not trying to hide her mum tum when she first left hospital with her newborn Prince, just a day after giving birth, but the Duchess is clearly blessed with good genes as less than three months later, she's back in shape.

Celeb baby weight has been a topic of much debate in recent weeks - with Jennifer Ellison hitting back at mean Twitter trolls for berating her pregnancy weight gain and Kim Kardashian shocked the world by posting a rather raunchy pic of her derriere, less than three months after baby Nori was born.

Here at goodtoknow, we're all about being healthy and happy, and not being in any huge rush to slim back down after having kids. Somehow though, we reckon Kate's on our wavelength, she's just one of the lucky ones!

How did you feel about your body after having kids? Did you worry about getting back into shape? Leave us a comment to let us know.

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Wendy Pettifer

she may have had tummy tuck like the celebs


I was the same with my first baby I was 25 years old and so busy looking after him that the weight fell off me and I weighed less than I did when I fell pregnant! My stomach was also flat like Kate's. After my third son it took me a year to loose the four stone I had put on and I went to weight watchers as it wasn't easy. I was 36 by then and I think age and the number if babies you have does make a difference! Also Kate is naturally slim and never carried excess weight when pregnant. She isn't just lucky she's quite normal for a young mum, who has possibly also been breast feeding which burns calories too.


she's young she's got all that support and money to spend on coaches and equipment - what do you expect?!


I was back in size 10 within six weeks of giving birth. Kate isn't unusual, my niece was back in her usual jeans a week after giving birth, like Kate, apart from the small bump you wouldn't know she was expecting from behind and she's about to have her third.............

Debbie Blanco

I hear ya cle!


My son is 4 years old and my tummy is still nowhere that flat. Sigh.

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