New mums to be offered 200 to breastfeed

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In a bid to encourage more women to breastfeed, a pilot scheme has been launched in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire where 130 women are being offered £200 in shopping vouchers to breastfeed their babies.




The trial starts today and the women taking part will be given £40 worth of vouchers if they breastfeed for 2 days, another £40 for 10 days and another £40 for another 6 weeks. They receive another £40 at 3 months and 6 months, totalling £200.


The vouchers can be spent at stores such as Poundland, Asda, Tesco and John Lewis and midwives and health visitors will have to sign a form to verify whether the women are breastfeeding in order for them to receive the vouchers.


These areas have been chosen because breastfeeding rates there are half the UK average, but the scheme, if successful, could be rolled out nationally.


Britain has one of the lowest rates for breastfeeding, with only around 30% of women breastfeeding for 6 months as recommended by the World Health Organisation.


Breastfeeding is encouraged because research has shown that it protects babies from chest infections, stomach upsets and allergies and can also help mother and baby bond.


What do you think? Is it right that women are offered a bribe to breastfeed, or is it worth it for the benefits to the baby and mother? Is it fair to women who are unable to breastfeed? Tell us in our comments area below.


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I feel this is unfair I really wanted to breast feed but my body just didn't produce enough milk, there were other factors too. It'll be mean too, I'd be devastated if a friend got £200 and I nothing just because of my inability. I felt a failure at the time, twice (had two girls) and this would just highlight what a failure I was!


Womens choice 100% Definitely NO to payment, What will they want to pay people for next ?

Rebbie Edney-Owen

I think it's a good idea as it might encourage some women who are undecided to try breastfeeding and it might also encourage others to persevere with it for longer, as at first it is not easy for some women. I think some families get milk vouchers, so it's only the same sort of thing.


the money should be put into support for mothers before and after birth to encourage feeding and overcome any difficulties

bottle bred

No no no breast feed if you want fine dont if you dont want to or can't ,not all women can breast feed. I could not breastfeed brought up two perfectly healthy boys on the bottle , use money to pay for more mid wives as there is A shortage.

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