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Johnson's baby
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Just when you think you've seen the last of the heart-warming ads after Christmas, a brand new one comes along for January that sees you weeping into your keyboard again.


Johnson's, makers of the famous pink baby lotion, have created the Life is Reborn ad, capturing how becoming a new mum impacts not just on us mums, but on the whole family in a magical way.


Watch it here:



Pass me the tissues!


What do you think of the ad? Do you like it? Hate it? Let us know in our comments area below.


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My Baby is 30 this year and this brought it all back. Beautiful. I loved being a mum to a baby so much and guess what I am now a grand mum and its even better as the love I have for my daughter has quadrupled the amount of love I have for my granddaughter/. Love them x x


Agreed with Angie Jones, it's JUST an advert... I'm a mum to a Beautiful Daughter who lights up my life every single day just with a smile, babies r born every single day and we parents all KNOW how it feels, there's no need to shove it in our faces people!!!

Laura Quayle

Maybe I'm just heartless, but I found it a bit twee....

Angie Jones

Although it was a nice ad, it was just like any other ad. I didn't need the tissues. I might feel different if I watch it on TV rather than my phone!

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