'Prank' positive pregnancy tests for sale on eBay!

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Positive pregnancy test

What is the world coming to?! We've heard of some strange things selling on eBay, (remember when Britney Spears' used chewing gum was bought for $14,000?) but this one is truly bizarre.

For around a fiver, the lucky auction winner can purchase a test, which is already showing two lines for a positive result.

And where do these tests come from, you may be wondering? Well, the ones
below might be right on your doorstep - in the West Midlands! 

The listing reads, 'Posted with original box, leaflets and in foil packet... Have fun pranking friends and family with this positive test.'

And surprisingly, there are loads of them available! eBay came back to us with 32 results for 'positive pregnancy test.' Just check out the screen grab below - 11 sold already and the seller has relisted the item!

Continued below...

And it seems most of you are pretty against the idea on Facebook...

Karen said: 'Disgraceful!'

Juliet said: 'Can't see the point myself.'

Dilly said: 'Awful! Betting some girls buy them to "trap" innocent men.'

Julie joked: 'Wonder what the going rate is? I could've made a fortune during my pregnancies.'

What do you think to the idea? Do you think it's all just a bit of harmless fun or do you think it could cause real upset? Not only if the pregnancy was unwanted but also if on the flip side the 'Dad' was over the moon? Let us know in a comment below...

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ABSOLUTLEY PATHETIC! Imagine the upset it could and would cause

wichita sqaw

need to get a life, sad soul


i see people dont see the funny side to this. its meant to be a joke !!.. PRANK PREGNANCY TEST. kind of gives it away .


Another weapon silly girls can use ! well done ebay.


If you go to a shop and buy a test and it comes up negative then you are NOT pregnant and you cant change it even if you want to. Nor are you supposed to be able to so therefore it is wrong to use this as an advantage as its lying and your not supposed to do that to your partner. If you bought a test and it showed positive then there is no need to buy one because you have your own REAL/TRUE reading! hence this is a completely stupid thing to have on sale. PATHETIC.


Nice one! I am going to buy one for a prank on someone i know, its gonna get tricky, as she doesnt really do things conventionally! ! (y)

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