Expelled over the contents of his lunchbox: 6-year-old Riley and brother kicked out of school after Mini-Cheddar gate!

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Six-year-old Riley Pearson has now been expelled after last week's Mini Cheddar incident.

Riley Pearson was not allowed to lessons for four days after a packet of Mini Cheddars was found in his lunchbox, but this has now been escalated to a permanent expulsion.

Riley's dad said the headmaster had made the decision after the school came under fire in the media.

'He rang and told me the decision had been made to exclude Riley permanently and we had given the school a bad reputation because of the media coverage.’

Riley's younger brother has also been told to leave the school.

Colnbrook CofE Primary School in Slough, Berkshire has banned what it considers 'unhealthy foods' including chocolate, crisps, biscuits, sweets and fizzy drinks, allowing pupils to only bring in such items for their birthdays.

A statement issued by the school said it had taken action against a pupil who,'persistently and deliberately breached school policy by bringing in crisps, biscuits, sausage rolls, mini sausages and scotch eggs.

‘We have not excluded a pupil for just having Mini Cheddars in their lunchbox, but where there is a persistent and deliberate breach of school policy.'

Do you think the school has gone too far by expelling this six-year-old, or is the school setting a good example to those who break the rules? Comments below.

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Okay, I agree that mini cheddar, sausage rolls and scotch eggs aren't the healthiest foods, but there are many people out there who consider them to be alright foods, and even somewhat healthy. This little boy's parents nightly have thought much of the food they were giving their kids and considered it to be good for their kids. We can't all exactly agree upon what's healthy and what's not. As well as that, the school should consult the parents and advise them in the food, not give out instant punishment, especially temporary exclusion and expulsion.


This rates among the most stupid things I have ever heard. What a mother chooses to give her son for lunch is nothing at all to do with the school. By all means point out that it may not be the healthiest option, but that is as far as it should go.



Steve Pearson

Colnbrook C of E Primary School has recently became an academy School and it is linked with Slough & Eton church of england Business & Enterprise College, Mr Paul McAteer is the Executive Headteacher, now he was present with Mr Jeremy Meek (Headteacher Colnbrook Primary Sch) at all the meeting's With Riley Pearson's parents, so it's only fair that he should also take some of blame, he can be contacted on 01753520824 or he can be emailed at: I'm sure he will welcome all your comments.

Steve Pearson

Ok lets start with the newsletter of the new healthy eating policy at Colnbrook C. Of E. Primary School, I have it in front of me now, it state's that you can not have Fizzy Drinks, Chocolate, Sweets or Crisps, everything else is ok as long as it's ahealthy balanced lunch, if you look on the back of a small bag of mini cheddars it says that this snack can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet of Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein and fibre including fruit & vegetables. At first the headteacher thought these were crisps but they not, they are baked and not fried. Now lets move over to the School, canteen menu, what do I see on it, I see Chips, Pizza, Chocolate beetroot brownie served with chocolate sauce & Muffins, ohhh chocolate & muffins are forbidden in a packed lunch at this school, the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, now the headteachers statement is totally inaccurate he says sausages, mini sausages, scotch eggs, crisps & similar, none of this is true, the parents have kept all the little slips that come home and all state Dairylea Dunkers & Mini Cheddars. This headteacher is digging a hole and he is becoming desperate. Now on the next matter, any child should not be denied the right to education, this boy has done nothing wrong, he has a good record and is a pupil counsellor. In the Department of Education Headteachers handbook it clearly states that it is unlawful to exclude a child due to their parents actions and to exclude/withdraw his 4 year old brother's nursery place is a second offence. NOW THIS SCHOOL HAS SERIOUS PROBLEMS, and for anybody to stick up for them is beyond me, probably you don't now the full facts. Their is currently a petition to reinstate these two boys into this school. Go to: search Reinstate Riley Pearson & Jayden Pearson into Colnbrook Primary School and click the link. Thank You.


This really annoyed me - at least this child was being fed, unlike poor Daniel Pelka !. I am normally the type to say " Rules are rules " ( for example where children flout the school rules on earrings, make up, weird haircuts etc.), BUT this is just stupid, and the school is being dictatorial. To also punish Riley's brother is puerile.


I agree with Jose its got nothing to do with the schools or teachers what you give your children to eat, so why dont they mind their own business, Its up to the parents what the child can eat or not grrr xx


The effect of the expulsion and separation from their friends will have far more impact on these children than a few sausage rolls and mini cheddars ever will on their health. Does the head have a degree in nutrition to demand such limitations on their diet? i am all for healthy eating / lifestyle but we need to teach our children balance in life.

LLouise Cartledge

If they insist what they have they will they should provide it at a small cost


This is not an honest story at all! The boy was not banned for the mini chedders. He was banned for CONTINUOUS rule breaking. The snack was merely the straw that broke the camel's back. His parents are at fault and should be fined as there actions have caused this.


Hang on like Diane said! They were complaining about children being away from school! This is ridiculous! Surely most 6 year olds don't even pack their own lunches so its not their fault!! We are all going to become robots controlled by the government, surely we have the right to decide what we eat?!?!

Walter Scarah

what a farce, as an ex school governor how on earth have they allowed this to happen beats me, you can not force a person to eat anything only advise, this is abuse of the rights of the parents and child, the punishment does not fit the crime ,in fact there is no crime, what they should do is sack the headmaster and the fools who came up with this stupid idea. I am absolutely disgusted with the outcome and resulting punishment,


Why punish the child?!?!? When it seems that the politicians and powers-that-be are spouting so much about children needing to have a good education, what is the use of banning a child from school AT ALL let alone 4DAYS?!? They could just have had a word with the parents. And when it comes down to it cheddars are baked, NOT fried, and NOT covered in salt like a packet of crisps. I'd consider them the healthier option. And I'm a mother to 2 and a granny to 5! Let's have a bit of common sense and start bringing back some of the 'older' classes and options back - such as cookery and woodwork- but not just ration them to the 'relevant' sexes. I think that if we did that it would be an all-round help, both with information and with teaching children about things which are not all paperwork based and help us hang on to the crafts before we lose them.


Schools are there to educate our children! What they eat is up to their parents!


Hope the parents don't get fined for their child not being in school. What a absolute farce

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