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Half term's over and it's back to school! But over the last week the kids have got used to lie-ins and no routine and much more chilled-out, laid-back mums. All change!


What a shock Monday morning brings!


Here are my favourite tweets from my newsfeed this morning:



Never been more excited about it being monday.#backtoschool #kidsbeendrivingmecrazy

— Louie Gardiner (@xlouiex) February 24, 2014

I'm like some sort of ninja sneaking around the house trying to get a headstart before the lunatics wake #backtoschool

— Clare Nolan (@ClareNolan) February 24, 2014

Shouty mummy is in the house! #firstdayback #getdressednow

— Morgana (@butwhymummywhy) February 24, 2014



I'd almost forgotten what school mornings were like.... #WorldWar3

— Heidi (@Him_Me_Three) February 24, 2014



Struggle #back to school #mobrule

— Hannah Evans (@followtheMoB) February 24, 2014



Relishing the idea of a day on my own with OH out and about and children back to school

— kateonthinice (@kateonthinice) February 24, 2014



#boringtweet and so the post-half-term clean up begins. Luckily, not *too* bad!

— Julie Shep (@jooleroo) February 24, 2014



forced myself into gym gear after a week off for half term. Reluctance doesn't even cover it. # justdoit

— Motherem (@emvexed) February 24, 2014



You hear that!? *SILENCE*.... that's the sound of half term being over.

— Danni (@squishblog) February 24, 2014

I'm missing Ruby I want her to stay at home and play rather than be at school :(

— Kimberley Tyler (@KimberleyJTyler) February 24, 2014
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