Breastfeeding mum fights back after being called a 'tramp'

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Emily Louise Slough and Matilda

A mother of one, who was snapped breastfeeding her eight-month-old daughter in public and then called a 'tramp' on Facebook, has responded by organising a mass breastfeeding event in hopes to drum up support for breastfeeding in public places and 'squash breastfeeding intolerance'.

Breastfeeding in public

Emily Louise Slough, 27-year-old mum to Matilda, stopped to breastfeed her daughter on some steps opposite The Shrew pub while out shopping in Rugeley town centre, Staffordshire, where she was photographed by a stranger.

The anonymous photographer posted the snap on Spotted in Rugeley's Facebook page and commented: 'I know the sun is out n all that but there's no need to let your kid feast on your nipple in town!!! Tramp.'

Emily was shocked to find out about the post after a friend of hers discovered and told her about it. She told the Birmingham Mail: 'The mentality of the individual that attempted to shame me for feeding my daughter makes me so angry. I am very confident and comfortable with my breast feeding, but I know plenty who aren't, [who] don't even humour the idea of nursing because of some ridiculous stigma attached to it and fear of embarrassment, humiliation and non-acceptance.'

The Spotted in Rugeley Facebook page was later deactivated and a supportive message was posted on its new page: 'We fully support breastfeeding publicly and think the original post was disgusting.'

The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) has also backed Emily and CEO Belinda Phipps said: 'This behaviour is dreadful. For good reason, mothers feeding their babies are protected by law.'

Mass breastfeeding event

Emily initially thought about ignoring the post but decided to make an example of the person who shamed her for breastfeeding Matilda in public. She's since thanked everyone for the overwhelming response she's received on Facebook and Twitter and expects over 1,000 people to attend her mass breastfeeding event, which will take place in Rugeley town centre in Staffordshire, on Saturday 15th March 2014. Search #rugeleymassfeed on Twitter for more information.

Have you ever breastfed your child in public? We would love to hear your breastfeeding stories, so let us know in our comments section below.

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Emily Louise Slough

Is there ever a point in your day whereby you think your need to ejaculate is the same as an infants need to fulfill it's hunger?... Pathetic

Emily Louise Slough

Banker man, there is not even any point in arguing with you, What an ill-educated and ignorant person you must be. Not to mention seriously sick in the head if you think that the act of masturbation is anything remotely similar to a baby consuming nutrients. A very odd comparison indeed.


Feeding a baby has no sexual conatations. Perhaps you would like bottle feeding to be banned. Isn't it time to grow up?


When I was young no one would have dreamed of breast feeding in public. Why not? Simple predudice. I thought the world had moved on and people were more open now. It is a great shame that there some have been left behind. Hope the day went well.

banker man

and penises are for urinating and ejaculating. both of which are the most natural thing in the world. are you ok with that?

banker man

you know what else is natural? masturbation. why is breastfeeding ok outside but wanking isnt? how about defecation? we all need a poo... why do i have to hide it away when women can get away with this?

The crazy cripple

Most people like this have the brains of a rocking horse!!! They have nothing better to do with their time so in the end I feel sorry for them. All the time people react to their waste of space attitudes they're winning which is exactly what they......... Treat them with the contempt they clearly deserve. :)


Why do these ignorant people feel it is fine to BULLY and abuse mothers that are doing the most natural thing in the world !!!!

Magnus Feldmann

What exactly do you mean? I don't think you're really able to watch pornography in public? Or do you mean that pornography is innately immoral and should be banned? Or is it a shame that people are not stigmatised for privately watching porn whilst women who breastfeed publicly are? Be interested to hear what you mean

Vanessa Glover

I do not understand the difficulties people seem to have with breast feeding. It 's the most natural thing in the world and it's what breasts are meant for. This is the 21st Century not the dark ages. It seems that pornography is ok but breast feeding isn't

Chloe Connell

I have breastfed in public nearly every day for three months (the birth of my daughter). I tend to use a feeding apron in restaurants and shops but I am not afraid to feed without. I usually even have to feed in the church service on sunday. I find older and elderly people (women more than men) are more judgemental where I live. My sister and I both breastfeed in local establishments near to where we live and the only people to have made comments are elderly women! I'm not sure whether this is related to the advice they might have been given whilst they were pregnant? Or are they merely discriminatory? Let's hope the former!

Bekki Scrivener

"The Spotted in Rugeley Facebook page was later deactivated and a supportive message was posted on its new page: 'We fully support breastfeeding publicly and think the original post was disgusting" Why post it to start with then if you're all for it? Sounds to me like the picture was posted, you didn't expect the backlash and now trying to back track!

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