Video of parents miming to Frozen song goes viral

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Sam and Nia Frozen
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Let it go, let it go, la la la la la la la.... I really wish I could 'let it go' but it seems the Frozen soundtrack just won't leave my brain.


If your family is anything like mine, Disney's latest extravaganza won't have gone unnoticed by your kids. When I took my 4-year-old to the cinema to see it, the first thing she did when it finished was burst into tears because she wanted to see it again. The soundtrack has been on repeat and carried from car to house and back again ever since I bought it to get us through the scarlet fever week. At night, she's cuddled up with Elsa and Anna dolls. And with Frozen mania starting up all over again with the release of the DVD in the UK, it's no surprise that it's become the biggest grossing film EVER.


A US couple, Nia and Sam, who have clearly heard the soundtrack even more times than I have, have filmed themselves lip syncing along with Love Is An Open Door. But the real star of the film is their daughter, Symphony, who just ignores her parents' behaviour through the entire film. It's annoyingly addictive, just like the Frozen soundtrack...




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nice nice nice x


That was brilliant-something to smile about...:-) oh, seatbelt police please give it a rest.......that was a feel good video!!!!!


They were very, very good, absolutely spot on but, where was mums seatbelt?

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