This head lice video is the stuff parents' nightmares are made of...

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Head lice video
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Your kids have been back at school a month when the envelope every parent dreads hits your welcome mat: the nits are back (cue frantically scratching yourself all-over).

Looking into the eyes of your precious little one, you just can't possibly believe that their heads could be home to anything more than a hazy-looking halo. But be warned. You're wrong. Lurking beneath that beautiful mop of hair are those nasty little creepy crawlies, head lice.

We think any parent has had their fair share of head lice horrors in their time, and in their own childhoods before that, but never have we seen a case of the nits quite so horrifying as this.

If you're squeamish, look away now. This video really is the stuff parents' nightmares are made of. And it's guaranteed to leave you itching for weeks.

Have your little ones caught head lice? What's the best way of dealing with them? Let us know in the comments section below. 


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i can't believe any parent would leave their child to get so infested. Surely the child was scratching long before it got that bad!




How awful for that child, I would be disgusted with myself if it was my child, letting them get that bad, surely they saw the child scratching, if I see my daughter itching, im striaght there checking, having had 5 children go through school, yes they have all had nits at one time, but I have washed there hair in normal shampoo & sprayed leave in condition on & just combed there hair throughly with a nit comb, until nothing comes out & repeated the whole thing for 5 days & it has always worked for me, but it takes a lot of patience on both sides, best tip do the combing in front of the tele, to take there mind of what your doing.


Those parents should be prosecuted for neglect. That didnt happen in a couple of days or weeks. Poor child.


I must agree with elvira that was some head of lice disgusting that child must have been in torture god help any child sitting next to him or adult parents should have noticed him scratching poor wee soul


All i can say is that amount of nits takes a while to accumulate so how long was that poor child left to get bitten perhaps even infected i wander ? i would say when my children were at school nits were prevalent after several bad bouts of infections of nits i never again waited for a letter to arrive from school, personally you shouldn't wait . every night before bed go through the hair with fine nit comb add conditioner if it makes it easier or after washing again go through hair before rinsing conditioner out with nit comb makes it easier on those kids that find it stressful or painful on dry hair (oh BTW it’s a myth nits don’t like dirty hair they love any hair ) also though its expensive it dose work, It doesn't smell and it lasts for ages is a product called Chinese whispers , spray some on the child’s hair every day before styling it really does work in preventing any nits moving in , what it doesn't work on unfortunately is all those lazy parents that don’t treat their kids heads and send them to school knowing there lo kids are lousy so to speak and trust me i know allot that do ....

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