16 reasons your teen had a meltdown

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Kevin the teenager

Beware the angry teen. Unpredicatable and completely terrifying, just one wrong move can unleash their wrath.

Never quite sure what will set them off next, the teen's mother is constantly on treacherous ground and lives in fear of the next explosion.

Here are 16 everyday situations that are likely to have sent your teen into complete meltdown mode.

1. The WiFi went down

2. You were 10 minutes late to pick them up

3. You were 10 minutes early to pick them up

4. Their friends saw you shopping together

5. You asked them to take their plate to the kitchen

6. They couldn't find their school shoes

7. You told them they can't go into town on Saturday because it's your mum's birthday and you're all going to visit

8. You ran out of cereal

9. You tidied their room (and inadvertently moved some of their things)

10. You asked them to put their mobile phone down at the dinner table

11. They asked if they can get takeaway pizza for dinner. You said no.

12. You asked them how their day was

13. You dared speak to their boyfriend/girlfriend

14.Their mobile phone battery died when they were out

15. You tagged them in a photo on Facebook (without first seeking their approval)

16. They spent all their allowance (and you wouldn't give them any more.)

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