Pug-o-ween is a real thing and its fantastic

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At goodtoknow we are massive fans of dogs and animals in clothing, so imagine our sheer joy when we discovered that there is an actual event called Pug-o-ween.

In America and Australia, local communities invite pug owners to dress up their cute little pooches to celebrate Halloween - and raise money for local dog charities.

For a good cause and pugs in costumes - we're sold! Check out these cuties at an event in Melbourne, Australia

And this video from charity DFW Pug Rescue Club's event has some of the best examples of pug-based fancy dress we have ever seen - look out for The Beatles, complete with Yellow Submarine, and Angry Birds.

And of course.... SPIDER PUG

So... when is this going to be a thing in the UK?

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More? How about some more adorable animals dressed for Halloween?


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Animals should be left alone, and allowed to act like animals, not some kind of furry doll, in a costume. These things although they look quite comical, are actually cruel to the animal. I would never do this to our cat, or our dogs when we had them, as its very unbecoming to the animal and shows how little you really understand their needs

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