The many ways having children will ruin your wardrobe

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Kids ruin your clothes

Before you had your kids, you had it all planned out. There was going to be fun family craft days and delicious home-cooked meals, shared around the dinner table, there would be relaxing bath times and everything would be beautiful. you've got a family you're probably used to falling asleep before the kids and eating their leftovers as you scrape the uneaten peas from their plates.


Instead of watching as they create creative masterpieces and eat up all their dinner, you've probably become their canvas.  Here are the various ways children manage to sabbotage any hint of style you might have possesed before they came along... 


They see your top/dress/jumper/skirt as an extension of their breakfast bowl.


Cheerios cannot be passed off as a funky new pattern FYI.


For some reason, cleaning up the mess on their own clothes leads to your clothes getting messy.


They'll regularly mistake you for being an appropriate place to relieve themselves on. 

Your new silk top really doesn't suit a water mark.


Even when you haven't given them chocolate, they somehow always manage to be covered in it. 


This then leads to you sitting in, leaning on or lying in melted chocolate. Lovely, a brown stain sets off any outfit. 


They'll show their appreciation of your cooking by throwing it over you


Good thing spaghetti makes a great piece of jewellery...



If you think crafts with your kids will make a fun afternoon activity, think again


 It usually looks a little something like this. 


You'll find yourself picking the ugliest outfits

They'll just get ruined anyway...


They don't wash their paws often enough.


Which leads, of course, to sticky paw prints all over your nice clean clothes. 


They have no control over their tiny little mouths...


... and manage to dribble on your shoulder, exactly the same time as you put on a clean top. Their timing is uncanny. 



They fall asleep while eating, probably while resting their head on your lap.  


And now you have a lovely wet patch which could easily be mistaken for either vomit or urine. Nice.


You think, 'oh they love burgers, I'll make them burgers'.  

And then, when you are covered in ketchup and mustard you'll remember why it is you've left it two months since their last American-style feast. Condiments + children + clothes = disaster.


This is every time you go out.


They'll manage to rip/tear/cut  holes in things, and you'll have no idea how they managed it.

More often than not you'll probably just resign yourself to it and carry on with your day as if nothing has happened. 

Continued below...


And that, kids, is what we call having a family, it's so... 

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