12 things only mums with Frozen-obsessed kids will understand

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Ah Frozen! One of the most successful Disney films of all time or perhaps the utter bain of every parent's life? We're betting you've been subjected to the sing-a-long fest more times than you can possibly count. Feeling a little exhausted at the antics of Anna, Elsa, Olaf and the gang? Here are 11 things you will definitely relate to.


1. The kids taking one look at Olaf the Snowman for the 457th time and dissolving into uncontrollable fits of giggles. Help us!

2. Hearing ‘Let it gooooooooo!' belted out really loudly. EVERY Saturday morning at 7am.

3. The kind of sass you get when Elsa is your daughter's idol.

4. That feeling of absolute dread when you realised the Elsa dress, doll and pencil case she wanted for Christmas was SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!

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5. That moment when the kids are bouncing up and down on the sofa, pulling this face, because they're just TOO EXCITED TO WATCH IT AGAIN. *dies silently inside*


6. And by loop three on a rainy weekend, you're starting to become a shell of your former self.

7. So much so that you feel a little like doing this to the telly...

8. Weekend lie-ins are completely out of the question when Frozen can be watched at the crack of dawn.

9. You even start to think what a total dreamboat Kristoff is. WHAT IS HAPPENING?

10. You always dread the awkward death questions that follow 'the ship incident'. EVERY TIME.

11. And you are forever finding yourself humming along to Let it Go in the aisles of ASDA.

12. But fear not, whatever the day throws at you, you know the next morning will bring a new day of Frozen viewing. What a treat!

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I have too agree with all of them

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