You let your kids have a phone, and then every single one of these things happened

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Things that happen when you let your child get a phone
They've been begging you for months. There's been screaming and crying - 'all of my friends have got one!' they roar. They want a mobile phone, and they're not giving up until they've got their grubby little mitts on one.

Eventually, something's gotta give - and usually, it'll be you. So you equip them with a smartphone, under the premise of education and personal safety. Here's what actually happens...

They have endless conversations with their friends...

...but will never talk to you again

They take thousands of pictures of each other…

...and themselves

They play games for HOURS...

...master social media surprisingly quickly...

...and start to communicate solely using smiley faces

They develop selective hearing...

...and no longer have any interest in anything that isn’t digital...

...even when there’s food involved

However, regardless of how much they love it, that phone is not in a safe pair of hands

They carry it as through it didn't cost 1,000 weeks worth of pocket money

It’ll never have any battery left

Somehow, it’ll end up waterdamaged...

...or 'creatively improved' by a younger sibling

Which will of course lead to this reaction:

But for all of the trouble phones cause, you're glad your kids can call you in an emergency...

...and get in touch if they really need help

So don't worry if you feel like you've lost your kids to their phones...

...they'll come crawling back as soon as they've managed to smash the screen.

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Parveen Brown

I've a spare smartphone and guess what I'm doing with it, remove the SIM for a start with, install a 2gb HDSD card and let DD use it for taking photo's as a back up

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