The 20 emotional stages of making homemade Christmas gifts

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20 stages of making homemade Christmas gifts
The Christmas countdown is on, and it's time to get your gifts sorted. This year, you've decided to go homemade - almost everything under that tree will be crafted by your own fair hands.

It feels so special, so homely, so traditional, and you wonder why you never did this before. And then all of these things happen...

1. You start off feeling great. There's plenty of time for planning.

2. You work out who gets what, and how long it will take to make each one

3. Right, so you probably should have started last January

4. Trying to figure out what you'll actually need is a nightmare

5. And one shop doesn't have everything on your list

6. So you end up shopping in about seven different places

7. No one in your house is allowed to throw away a jar anymore

8. And scraps of ribbon become valuable currency

9. Once you've got all your bits and bobs together, it's time to set up your workspace

10. No, it's no longer a kitchen, it's a 'craft room'

(a development that the rest of the family is thrilled about)

11. And you'll now be in it until 3am every night

12. You manage to create an efficient production line

13. But despite your expert planning, there'll be many moments of self-doubt about your gifts

14. And you'll need a lot of emotional support

15. Remember: if it doesn't turn out quite how you planned, you can cover it in a) icing sugar or b) glitter.

16. Finally, you're done! But of course, once it's finished, it’s not really finished. It needs wrapping

17. And personalising

18. It feels like time is running out fast!

19. But remember, it'll all be worth it when you see those grateful faces on Christmas morning

20. Until you hear them saying something like this to their friends...

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