The 10 commandments of having the in-laws over for Christmas

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10 commandments of Christmas with the in-laws
Every family has their own, very specific set of Christmas traditions, and if anyone outside the clan tries to meddle with them, it generally goes down like a sack of bricks. However, when the meddler in question is a blood relative, it's a little bit trickier to tell them where to get off (the North Pole, preferably...)

Having your partner's family over for Christmas might not be your dream scenario, but if you ARE hosting this year, here are some easy ways to make the day a happy and enjoyable celebration, rather than the beginning of World War III...

1. Thou shalt bite thy tongue when thy mother-in-law tries to take over the entire kitchen.

Yes I AM making the gravy like that, and yes, it will be delicious.

2. Thou shalt give thy father-in-law complete control of the remote control (even though the kids are dying to watch Frozen).

Sorry sproglets. You know you love Only Fools and Horses really.

3. Thou shalt resist the urge to cry “WHO ATE ALL THE PURPLE ONES?” upon opening the tub of Quality Street and finding nothing but toffee pennies.

It’s not their fault it’s their favourite too.

4. Thou shalt have a list of festive activities prepared to divert potential disasters at any given moment.

If they don’t have time to breathe, they don’t have time to argue.

5. Thou shalt be grateful for every single present received, regardless of value, level of thought or size.

I’m not actually an XXXL, but maybe I could turn it into a dress?

6. Thou shalt ignore any insensitive comparisons to other family members.

Oh, Sandra's family do it that way do they? Well, they didn't invite you this year, so I guess you're stuck with us.

7. Thou shalt pose for as many family photos as necessary.

The camera in my face might be my worst nightmare now, but I WILL cherish them later.

8. Thou shalt form an efficient allegiance with thy partner, who shalt be on hand at all times. 

It's their fault they're there, and I'm making damn sure they know it.

9. Thou shalt stand thy ground when it comes to the big stuff.

These children are mine, and I will discipline them how I please.

Continued below...

10. Thou SHALT have a very Merry Christmas, regardless of all of the above.

Because that's what sherry is for.

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