It's official: Disney confirms Frozen 2

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Disney Frozen 2
Ready your sparkly blue dress and warm up your vocal chords - it's fantastic news for Frozen fans! Disney has officially confirmed that there will be a Frozen 2!

The news broke on 13th March 2015, and since then we've been spending our days imagining all of the fun Elsa, Anna, Olaf et al will have in their next big adventure.

Possibly the only person more excited than us is the voice of Anna, Kristen Bell, who posted this brilliant celebratory snap on her Twitter profile:

Co-directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who worked on the first Frozen film, have been confirmed for Frozen 2, so we're sure it'll have the same great mix of fun, puns, songs and sisterhood. As of yet, there's no definite release date, so you'll have to wait a while to find out where the story will take our favourite sisters and their sidekicks next!

Wait, what's that you say?

Continued below...

Okay, so if you really can't wait for more Frozen-based joy, don't forget to catch Frozen Fever, the new animated short film, when it hits cinemas with Disney's new live-action Cinderella on 27th March!

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Yay, Disney giving the people what they want! Coincidently we have just made a quiz about the first film on our blog Let us know how you get on!

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