This grandma just met her new grandchild - and got the shock of her life!

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Grandma meeting boy baby
Meeting a new grandchild is a precious experience for any new Nana - but for these grandparents, the experience was perhaps even more memorable than most...

Kyle and Danielle Williams had had an ultrasound for their second child in October 2014, and were told they were expecting a daugher. They even picked out a name - Charlee - and were fully prepared to welcome another little lady into the world - but fate had other ideas!

On the 3rd March 2015, Danielle went into labour and their son Bentley arrived! Shocked, but of course thrilled, the couple came up with a plan to tell their families the news and capture their reactions - and we're so glad they did, because they are priceless!

Just watch as one of Bentley's grandma's changes his nappy for the first time...

Keep watching, because Charles' other grandma is just as shocked - and as the video unfolds, we see Kyle and Danielle breaking the news to as many friends and family as possible, including their first daughter Peyton, and each of their reactions are even more brilliant than the next.

Friends and family looked amazed as Kyle and Danielle revealed their news

Thanks to the Williams family for sharing this video - your family's baffled faces have brightened up our day!

Continued below...

Do you know anyone who had a boy when they were expecting a girl, or vice versa - or did it happen to you? We'd love to hear about your experience - leave us a comment and let us know...

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