Unisex names: Gender neutral names for your baby

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Unisex baby names
Looking for some inspiration when it comes to baby names?

It can be pretty hard picking a name for your bundle of joy, let alone thinking of a gender neutral name if you're not keen on finding out the sex before the birth.

However, there are plenty of unisex names out there so picking a name can be made a little easier, and the sex of your unborn can remain a surprise until the big day.

Unisex names are set to be a massive baby name trend for 2017 - one that's been gathering popularity for the last few years and is now bigger than ever.

Nameberry have even released a list of the most popular baby names that can be used for boys or girls chosen by parents so far this year.

Most popular unisex baby names 2017


Interested, but don't want to go for a gender neutral name that's already climbing the charts? Here are 50 ideas which are totally unisex. Some may surprise you, like Kerry and Wallace, but we've discovered that there are more than a few famous faces who go by gender neutral names, like Drew Barrymore and Morgan Freeman.

Did their parents pick a name before they knew if they were having a girl or a boy? Who knows, but we rather like this list of ideas. Have a browse through these best unisex baby names from Nameberry and Baby Centre and see if you can find the perfect moniker for your little one...

EddyJesse Reign
Addison Eli Kerry River
Aubrey Evan Kendall Sam
Ash Frankie Marley Sandy
Bailey Freddie Morgan Sasha
Billy Gale Parker
Brice Glen Pat Tanner
Brook Gray Peyton Taylor


Harper Quinn Wallace
Corey Hayden Rey West
Daryl Indiana Reese
Drew Jade Robin Wynne
Dakota Jamie   

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Would you choose/have you chosen a unisex baby name for your little one? We'd love to hear it. Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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I would not waste time searching for /making up / planning to have a gender neutral name. God created male and female people so the sooner we stop this ridiculous line of thinking, the better! Animals must be smarter than humans as they don't question their gender, nor try to change it. Get real!

Gillian Wilson Westworth Burre

My third child was going to be called Jordan boy or girl, and that was almost 26 years ago,just because it was a name myself and her dad really loved, and she so suits it.

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