These people think they're finding out the gender of their friends' new baby - what happens next will SHOCK you!

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Baby twin surprise video
These friends just got the shock of their lives...

Meet the Rademacher family. They were expecting their second baby, and wanted to keep the gender a surprise - so they decided they'd film the reactions of their friends and family when they revealed to them whether they'd had a boy or a girl.

Image: Youtube/Korey Rademacher

However, Korey and wife Sharon had another secret up their sleeves - the fact that they weren't just having one baby, but two! The couple had found out about their double bundle of joy at an ultrasound, but chose to keep the news under wraps - and we're so glad they did, because the reactions of everyone they tell are FANTASTIC.

From this absolutely baffled lady at the hospital... this couple, who are only expecting one baby to be handed to them...

... each reveal is met with amazed cries of 'OH MY GOD', 'you're kidding, right?!' and 'does the nursery know that you took two...?', and it is 6 minutes of pure, unadulterated joy.

Watch the video in full to see everyone's BRILLIANT reactions

Although most of the surprises are funny, you might find yourself wellling up towards the end of the clip, as everyone happily realised there's now two little ladies to shower with love instead of one...

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Welcome to the world, girls - wishing you as much joy in life as your video brought us!

Continued below...

All images: Youtube/Korey Rademacher

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