30 dads who are totally winning this whole parenting thing

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Dads winning at parenting
Every dad wants to give their kids the world - but these men have gone to the next level in the name of parenting.

Don't get us wrong, we love our dads and our other halves are doing a fab job, taking the kids to the park at the drop of a hat, starting a new line of business as the resident taxi driver and even getting involved in the odd packed lunch prep session.

But these menfolk have gone above and beyond with their hilarious, sweet and downright cute pictures and videos of life with their little 'uns.

From dressing up in princess costumes to attending tea parties, these brilliant dads are totally nailing this whole parenting thing. Fathers of the world, take note...

1. This dad, who set up a Facebook page dedicated to mimicking his son's selfie

2. This dad, who noticed something fruity about his baby

Image: Reddit

3. This dad, who might actually take better selfies than his daughter

4. This dad, who is a real life superhero

5. This dad, who is NOT made of money

Image: Imgur

6. This dad, who knows a shopping trip requires special equipment

Image: Imgur

7. This dad, who created this DIY masterpiece for his son

Image: Imgur

8. This dad, who knows the way to empty lunchboxes

Image: Life of Dad

9. This dad, who's got his priorities in check

Image: Imgur

10. This dad, who is the ultimate cheerleader

11. This dad, who took the term 'birthday cake' to the next level

Image: Imgur

12. This dad, who thought he'd found 'easy access for nappy changing'

Image: Facebook/The Unmumsy Mum

13. This dad, who has the most genius way of getting his kids to do their chores...

Image: Reddit

14. This dad, whose daughter liked the idea of matching hairdos...

Image: Imgur

15. This dad, who knows how to throw a stellar tea party

Image: Imgur

16. This innovative cake-loving dad

Image: Imgur

17. This dad, who isn't afraid to get his hands (or face!) dirty in the name of fun

The game is called Pie Face, and you can buy it on Amazon.

18. This dad, who has a lot of daughters...

Image: Imgur

19. ...these dads, whose daughters don't care for traditional gender roles...

Image: Imgur

Image: Good Men Project

20. ...and this dad, who knows that tiaras are more 'everyday'

Image: Imgur

21. This dad, who wants future boyfriends to have a fair warning...

Image: Imgur

22. ...and this dad, who had the same idea

Image: Imgur

23. This fashion-forward dad

Image: Imgur

24. This dad, who knows his kids have to face their fears sometime

Image: Imgur

25. This politically-minded dad, whose daughter actually raises some very good points

Image: Imgur

26. This dad, who found a way to combine playtime and naptime

Image: The Winthrop Chronicles

27. This dad, who turned himself into a human swing...

27. ... and this dad, who did basically the same thing with much less effort

Image: Imgur

29. This genius tool-wielding dad

30. ...and this dad, who has come up with the best parenting hack of ALL TIME

Image: Imgur

'I just give them controllers that are not plugged in and play like this for hours.' Bravo sir, bra-vo.

Shine on, you crazy fathers - your kids lives would be much less fun places without you.

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Are these the best dad videos and pics you've seen? Or do you know a guy doing the whole father thing even better? Let us know in the comments box below and he could feature in our round-up!

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We tried the giving them a controller when ours were young, it worked for a bit, but kids are quick at catching on. My youngest is 14, so we just unplug the WiFi & take the unit away until things are done our way & that usually gets things done, nobody wants to be away from the WiFi for long, its the end of the world lol.

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